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Driving While License Suspended

Driving While License Suspended

A driver’s license is imperative to most people in order to function in daily life. However, after certain criminal offenses, the right to drive in the Sunshine State could be taken away. If you are caught driving in Florida with a suspended license, you could face harsh penalties that include jail time and fines.

Although your initial violation may only be classified as a moving violation, subsequent violations can lead to more serious charges. This charge may have resulted from an underlying offense that caused your license to be suspended for a lengthy period or indefinitely. A driving while license suspended attorney can help you resolve the underlying charge and help you have your license reinstated.

Tallahassee Driving While License Suspended Attorney

Losing the right to drive can be tough. However, ignoring the penalties and getting behind the wheel can have serious consequences. A driving while license suspended attorney at Pumphrey Law can help you find possible defenses or facts in your case to have your charge dropped or reduced.

The attorneys at Pumphrey Law are knowledgeable about Florida’s traffic laws, and can assist you in finding the best possible outcome for your alleged offense. They have years of experience working with clients facing traffic charges, and they will work to ensure your rights are represented.

Pumphrey Law represents clients throughout Tallahassee, Bristol, Monticello, Midway, Crawfordville and nearby areas. Contact us at (850) 681-7777 today for a free consultation.

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Florida Definition for Driving While License is Suspended

Any person who operates a motor vehicle on a Florida road while their license has been suspended or revoked, and knows their license has been suspended or revoked, can face harsh penalties, under Florida Statutes § 322.34.

This provision requires the driver to know his or her license was suspended. This means the person has previously received a citation for DWLS, the person admits to knowing the license was suspended or the person received notice of a court order or judgment the license was suspended. A person is presumed to have received notice if the judgment or order appears in the department’s records.

If a person operates a motor vehicle on Florida roads while his or her license was suspended or revoked, but they did not know it was suspended or revoked, they typically are subject to a conviction for a moving violation. This is a non-criminal charge. However, if you are charged with this violation, the knowledge required for a criminal conviction will be satisfied for any subsequent convictions.

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Reasons Your License May Be Suspended in Florida

Your driver’s license may have been suspended in Florida for numerous reasons, including:

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Penalties for Driving With a Suspended License in Florida

If you are convicted of driving with a suspended, canceled or revoked driver’s license in Florida, you can be subjected to the following penalties:

Additionally, three or more convictions for driving with a suspended license within five years can result in being classified as a habitual traffic offender, which can result in more severe punishments.

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Options to Fight a Driving With a Suspended License in Florida

Someone who has been charged with driving with a suspended license in Florida may be able to have this charge reduced or dropped. For example, if someone did not have knowledge his or her license was suspended or revoked, as defined under Florida law, an attorney can use this to have the charge reduced to a lesser offense.

In Florida, prior to your arraignment date, the law provides for an alleged offender to resolve the reason for a suspended driver’s license and present a valid driver’s license to the clerk’s office. This type of resolution to your case will likely be more beneficial than appearing in front of the state prosecutor, who will most likely attempt to give you a harsh punishment.

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Finding A Driving While License Suspended Attorney in Tallahassee

If you have been charged with driving while license is suspended in Leon County, contact Pumphrey Law to discuss the facts of your particular case. An experienced traffic lawyer in Tallahassee may be able to find mitigating circumstances or a defense applicable to your charge, and have it reduced or dropped altogether. Call (850) 681-7777 to schedule a case evaluation.

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