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Client Testimonials
  • "We are very fortunate to have hired such a wonderful team!!" by A.K., Past Client
  • "I trust this law firm so much that I refer them friends and family. They are always there for you with advice and guidance." by A.S., Past Client
  • "Don Pumphrey is amazing and gets the job done right!! I would highly recommend him to anyone. " by Amanda, Past Client
  • "Superlative firm, experienced and professional. Definitely a stand out in Tallahassee." by Austin C., Past Client
  • "I would recommend him to anyone wanting a trustworthy, diligent, aggressive attorney that knows how to navigate the legal system and get the best possible outcome." by B.J., Past Client
  • "When the quality of rest of your life is at stake go with Don trust me he has literally saved my life more then once" by J. Smith, Past Client
  • "If you are looking for top-notch legal council either locally or abroad, look no further. Don Pumphrey and his staff will fight unremittingly for your your rights!" by Jeremy C., Past Client
  • "He helped me to not only get through my court case, he also helped me put it behind me so that I may continue to move forward with my life. If you choose him to represent you, he will NOT let you down. " by Kevin M., Past Client
  • "You will not find a finer, more experienced criminal attorney in Tallahassee to handle mistakes made by yourself or your student." by Kim, Parent of Past Client
  • "I will definitely be recommending his firm to anyone I come across that needs legal counsel. Thank you Don! You put our anxiety at ease and established a relationship and referrals for a lifetime!" by Kim S., Past Client
  • "Highly recommended if you need the best representation" by L.L., Past Client
  • ""He's one of the best lawyers in town. He's very nice and personable."" by Lashan, Former Client
  • "His passion for justice is second only to his unwavering commitment to his clients." by Michael M., Past Client
  • "Look no further and trust you child's case to Don Pumphrey. Please don't allow your child to settle for less. Kids will grow and learn but a bad legal decision will impact your child forever." by Rosanna O., Former Client
  • "One of the finest criminal attorney's in the big bend area" by Terry B., Past Client

Madison County

Pumphrey Law is a Tallahassee based criminal defense firm that offers their services to clients in Madison County and the surrounding areas, including Madison, Greenville, and Lee. If you have been accused of a crime in Madison County, FL, Pumphrey Law can help. Their attorneys are committed to fighting for your rights and can help you get your charges reduced or possibly dismissed.

This website has been designed so you can easily access the information you need to make a decision regarding a criminal defense case in Madison County. If you have been charged with a crime, contact Madison criminal defense attorneys at Pumphrey Law today to discuss the details of your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Madison County, FL

If you are facing criminal charges in Madison County, the attorneys of Pumphrey Law want to help you pursue justice. You should always talk to an attorney before you speak with the authorities. You often have limited time once a criminal accusation is made and retaining an attorney as quickly as possible after an arrest helps ensure the best possible results from your trial or court hearing.

Being arrested for a crime such as a drug offense in Madison can have stiff repercussions including an automatic license suspension for up to two years. An experienced attorney can help you avoid such an inconvenience by helping you find mitigating circumstances to your case that could result in a not guilty verdict or dropped charges.

Additionally, if you have been formerly convicted of a crime, the attorneys at Pumphrey Law can help you with the task of sealing or expunging your criminal record in Madison County. Having a criminal record can be an embarrassment that can follow you throughout life and prevent you from gaining employment, housing, or federal funding for education. Call (850) 681-7777 today to discuss your options about getting rid of your criminal past.

Additional Resources

Madison County Court and Legal Resources

  • Madison County Clerk of Court
    The Madison County Clerk’s Office is responsible for overseeing various departments that deal with the Circuit and County court systems.

    125 SW Range Avenue
    Madison, Florida 32340
    (850) 973-1500

  • Pay Traffic Tickets in Madison County
    Through this link individuals can pay for their traffic citations that they have received throughout the county, including Madison, Lee, and Greenville.

County Law Enforcement

  • Madison County Sheriff’s Department
    The Madison County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services throughout the over 750 square miles of Madison County and to its population that exceeds over 20,000.

    239 SW Pinckney St
    Madison, FL 32340-2470
    Phone: (850) 973-4151

  • Madison Police Department
    The officers of the police department are committed to providing quality law enforcement to the residents in the city of Madison. The department can be located at:

    310 SW Rutledge Street
    Madison, Florida 32340
    Phone: (850)973- 5077

City Resource

  • Madison County Area Data
    This resource provides critical data for the area of Madison and the cities that reside within the county borders. Information such as criminal statistics, household income averages and the demographic makeup of the county can be found here.

Cities and Zip Codes in Madison County

  • Greenville – 32331
  • Lee – 32059
  • Madison – 32340, 32341

Finding Criminal Defense Attorneys in Madison County, FL

A criminal defense attorney can help you get the most favorable results possible in your criminal case in Madison County, Florida. Take the first step to avoid a conviction; contact us today at (850) 681-7777 to schedule your free case evaluation.

This article was last updated on Friday, October 21, 2016.

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