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Category: Sex Crime Allegations

Case #: 2017CF2378 A1-4

Sex Crime Allegations Leon Charges Dropped

20 year old client was arrested when a video allegedly depicting the defendant having sex with a 15 year old was posted to social media. Investigation later revealed that she admitted to our client she was 18 and was in an 18+ nightclub when they met. Due to the mitigating circumstances, the state...

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Case #: 2017 CF 403 A

Sex Crime Allegations Leon County Dismissed

Client was a medical student (and still is and will soon be a Medical Dr.) Client was also a foreign national and not a U.S. Citizen. Client met a female on Tinder after a mixer party with Law School and Medical School. Girl came to his apartment for sex, client was exhausted and had legally consumed...

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Case #: 09 28 CFMA

Sex Crime Allegations Wakulla County Not Guilty

It was alleged that the Defendant sexually assaulted a victim during a traffic stop. The alleged victim reported him to the station, and he was arrested.

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