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Client Testimonials
  • "We are very fortunate to have hired such a wonderful team!!" by A.K., Past Client
  • "Don Pumphrey is amazing and gets the job done right!! I would highly recommend him to anyone. " by Amanda, Past Client
  • "If your college kid makes a mistake this is the attorney you need" by Anonymous (AVVO Review), Parent of Past Client
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better law firm!" by Anonymous (Google Review 2), Past Client
  • "Superlative firm, experienced and professional. Definitely a stand out in Tallahassee." by Austin C., Past Client
  • "I would recommend him to anyone wanting a trustworthy, diligent, aggressive attorney that knows how to navigate the legal system and get the best possible outcome." by B.J., Past Client
  • "Best criminal attorney in Florida" by Elizabeth R., Past Client
  • "Don Pumphrey and his staff will fight unremittingly for your your rights!" by J.C., Past Client
  • "Without question, the best criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee." by J.P.M., Past Client
  • "I would challenge anyone to find a more experienced, knowledgeable and result oriented criminal defense attorney anywhere" by Jonathan E., Peer
  • " I am very grateful for their help and would recommend contacting them for your legal troubles" by L.C., Past Client
  • "They were there for me every step of the way and I never felt like just another case to them." by Lauren J., Past Client
  • " I would gladly recommend his law firm to represent you or anyone else. They are the real deal." by M.H., Past Client
  • "His passion for justice is second only to his unwavering commitment to his clients." by Michael M., Past Client
  • "If he is involved in your case, you can expect a thorough and compassionate experience with a very good outcome" by Ruth A., Relative of Past Client

Bay County, FL - Pumphrey Law

The attorneys at Pumphrey Law are Tallahassee-based criminal defense attorneys who provide services to clients in Bay County and the surrounding areas, including: Panama City, Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Parker, Springfield, Callaway, and Mexico Beach. The firm was founded with passion to aggressively pursue justice for anyone faced with the tragedy of an arrest and criminal charges.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Calloway, Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, or Springfield, getting advice from an experienced criminal attorney may be the best option for you. A Bay County criminal defense attorney can represent your case to help you get your charges reduced or even dropped.

This website has been designed to easily access the information you need to make a decision regarding a criminal defense case in the Panama City area. If you’ve been charged with a crime and are seeking advice about criminal defense, contact the attorneys at Pumphrey Law today for a free consultation to discuss the details of your criminal case.

Bay County Criminal Lawyer

Criminal accusations come in all shapes and sizes, and so should your criminal defense representation. At Pumphrey Law, we focus our practice solely on criminal law. This includes defending individuals against allegations such as marijuana possession, driving under the influence, domestic violence, violation of probation and violent crimes.

If you are facing criminal charges in Bay County, let us fight for your rights. Obtaining the services of an attorney quickly can help you gather time-sensitive evidence, details, and testimony to build a strong defense.

Additional Resources

Bay County Court and Legal Resources

  • County Courthouse of Bay County
    In criminal cases, original jurisdiction is assigned to the circuit and county courts. The county courts can be located at:

    300 East 4th Street
    P. O. Box 2269
    Panama City, FL 32402

  • Public Defender Office, 14th Circuit
    The office is located at:

    Herman D. Laramore
    115 4th Street
    Panama City, FL 32413
    Phone: (850) 784-6155

  • Unified Family Court/Juvenile Justice
    Two family court judges in the family law division and two juvenile court judges hear cases involving dependency, delinquency, and domestic violence.

    533 East 11th Street
    Panama City FL 32401
    Phone: 850-763-9601

Law Enforcement in Bay County

  • Bay County Sheriff’s Office
    The sheriff provides county-wide law enforcement services to its residents and the community. Additionally, the sheriff handles the intake and release process of about 2000 inmates a month at the county jail. The sheriff can be contacted at:

    3241 Highway 77
    Panama City, FL 32405
    (850) 747-4700

  • Panama City Police Department
    The Panama City Police Department is a full-service police providing community with a scope of police services from parking enforcement to homicide investigations. The department can be located at:

    1209 E 15th Street
    Panama City, FL 32405
    Phone: (850) 872-3100

  • City of Lynn Haven Police Department
    The Lynn Haven Police Department is committed to providing all people with sensitive, fair and courteous service and their goal is to ensure the safety of all citizens. The department can be located at:

    108 E. 9th Street
    Lynn Haven, FL 32444
    Phone: (850) 265-1112

  • Springfield City Police Department
    This department provides 24-hour service to the residents of Springfield to ensure the safety of the community. The department can be located at:

    3529 E. 3rd Street
    Springfield, FL 32401
    Phone: (850)872-7570

  • The Parker City Police Department
    The Parker City Police Department has a staff of nine full-time officers plus A K-9 Drug Dog that help provide the city with quality law enforcement. The department can be located at:

    1001 W. Park Street
    Parker, FL 32404
    Phone (850) 871-4111

Cities of Bay County

  • Bay County Area Data
    This resource provides unique information that pertains specifically to the county. Crime rate statistics, demographic makeup, employment rates and other important facts can be found through this link.

Zip Codes of Bay County

  • Panama City
    32401, 32403, 32404, 32405, 32408, 32409, 32407, 32413
  • Panama City Beach
    32407, 32413, 32401, 32408, 32417, 32413
  • Springfield
  • Lynn Haven
  • Calloway
  • Mexico Beach
  • Parker

Pumphrey Law | Bay County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Bay County, take the right steps to mount a strong defense. The prosecution will do everything they can to win their case, so you need to do the same.

A criminal defense attorney can help you pursue a favorable outcome. Contact our offices at (850) 681-7777 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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