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Category: Misdemeanor DUI Charges

Case #: 19CT00739

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon County Charges Dismissed

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Case #: TA-2017-000085-CT-A

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Taylor County Charge Dropped

An officer in Taylor County was conducting highway patrol when we noticed a vehicle coming up on him at a fast speed and clocked the car going 70mph in a 55mph zone. The officer proceeded to turn his lights on a pull the vehicle over for a traffic stop. When the officer spoke to the individual who...

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Case #: 2016-CT-2674 A1-7

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon Plea to 1 count of Reckless Driving

Officers responded to a traffic crash that had reported injuries and property damage on the intersection of W. Carolina St. and Macomb St. When the officers arrived to the scene they noticed Branden Hill who was slightly unconscious in the driver seat of a vehicle that had crashed with another then...

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Case #: 322017CF00110

Misdemeanor DUI Charges, Weapon Charges Jackson Reduced

A marked patrol car was driving down a street in Mariana, Florida when the officer noticed a silver vehicle pull out of a gas station and got in front of the officer that was in the patrol car. The officer proceeded to follow the silver vehicle when he noticed the drier would daze into the other lane...

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Case #: 17-0032CT

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Wakulla Not Guilty

An officer in Wakulla County received a call one evening in reference to a man who was apparently sleeping behind the wheel of his van. When the officer arrived at the scene he notice that a man was indeed sleeping behind the wheel of his white Chevrolet van. The officer began to bang on the window...

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