5 Ways To Avoid Getting Busted For Pot

Flex Your Rights

Hi I’m Scott with Flex Your Rights.  I want to talk for a few minutes today about an article I had published in AlterNet last week called “5 Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for Pot”.  We get a ton of questions involving marijuana and we hear from a lot of folks that get arrested for marijuana.  I don’t want to give the impression that’s the only thing that we’re concerned about at Flex Your Rights. I think everybody needs to know their rights, not just people who use marijuana, but because this issue affects so many people, because our marijuana laws are as stupid as they are, and because they’re in enforced in such an oppressive way there’s so many people being harassed on the streets every day and searched and coerced into waiving their constitutional rights and with so many people being thrown into jail who don’t belong there I think it’s a critical civil liberties issue and something that we have to confront as an organization that works to teach people how to deal with law enforcement and how to exercise their constitutional rights.

Five ways to avoid getting busted for pot

  1. Don’t consent to searches.
  2. Don’t let them into your house.
  3. Ask if you’re free to go.
  4. Don’t do dumb stuff in public.
  5. Don’t snitch on yourself.

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