DUI Sobriety Tests


My name is Don Pumphrey Jr. and I’m the owner and founder of the Pumphrey Law Firm.

In DUI cases, many times people are put in a position where they have to give a blood test, a breath test, or a urine test, and in the state of Florida if you refuse any of those three tests your license could be suspended – although you will be given an opportunity to challenge that suspension.  In the state of Florida, driving is a privilege and not a right.  Although these are usually components of a criminal investigation and every time you have a criminal investigation you want to exercise your right to remain silent, your right to have an attorney present.  There is no right, absolute right, to have an attorney present during urine testing, blood testing, or breath testing.  All I can tell you is this – is that the breath testing machines are not completely accurate just like any machine out there, blood testing has its fallacies but is the very best for getting information, and urine analysis test is good to a certain level but non-quantifiable in most circumstances.  Non-quantifiable meaning they can’t get the specific information because it only reads what are called metabolites.  The best advice I can give you on whether to blow or to refuse to blow is contact us.  Give us a call.

My name is Don Pumphrey Jr. for the Pumphrey Law Firm,

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