When to Hire an Attorney


My name is Don Pumphrey Jr. with the Pumphrey Law Firm.

When do you need to hire an attorney? When do you need a lawyer or an attorney for any circumstance or situation?

Any time law enforcement is involved –  any time you believe that you could be accused, are accused, or there’s the potential that law enforcement is going to get involved – that’s when you need to hire an attorney.  The reason being, just like a doctor who can diagnose something early on, the options are much greater and you have many more options early on, rather than later after law enforcement has talked to you and put you through a process of interrogation.  Believe me law enforcement officers are trying to do their job, but their job is not to protect you or protect your specific rights when it comes to the right to remain silent or the right to an attorney.  Always be respectful and polite to law enforcement officers, but most importantly if you even think that a law enforcement officer is involved, you’ve been stopped by one, or you believe that you’re being called in or you’ve been contacted by one – that’s when you need to contact an attorney.

The earlier you contact an attorney the better so give us a call.  My name is Don Pumphrey Jr. for the Pumphrey Law Firm.

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