Madeline Wolfe

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

“I was born in raised in Tallahassee, and on my father’s side of the family I am a fourth generation Tallahassee-ian.  I went to Kate Sullivan Elementary, Montford Middle School, and I currently attend Lawton Chiles High School as a Junior. Having parents in the legal community, I have grown up around law firms; even when I was home from school, sick, I would set up camp under my mom’s desk with blankets, a pillow, books and movies.  I have been accustomed to acting appropriately around clients and attorneys since I was a child. A couple of summers ago, I began working in the Firm answering phones, taking messages, filing documents, and making copies. Now I am part of an amazing social media network team, and I also assist our Leadership Management Team with assignments from time to time.

On a personal note, I began dancing when I was 2 years old, and since then I have done multiple types of dance: ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and tap.  I have also loved performing in many plays put on by the drama programs at my schools over the years. I have also shown my interest in many sports, such as cross-country for my schools, the Youth Triathlon Series.  I even competed in an IronMan Kids race in Michigan, and participated in many local 5-10k races. 

I am very active in my local Young Life group, as well as many other clubs for my school. I find equality and feminism very intriguing and I love speaking up for what is right.  In the future, I anticipate completing high school with a stellar record, applying to FSU, and rushing Tri Delta society so I can participate in Greek life, just like family members before me. I’d like to become a behavioral therapist and I think that my job now makes my dream job seem within reach.”

-Madeline Wolfe

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