Donna J.

Relative of Past Client

My experience dates from 2009 through 2012. A relative who was a college student needed legal assistance and Don Pumphrey Jr. was suggested. This was our first experience against the grain of the law and little did we know, we would require additional assistance. Mr. Pumphrey’s office was very prompt and professional. Mr. Pumphrey took the case and visited my relative in the County jail the next day and assured him that he was in good hands. Thanks to Don Pumphrey Jr, we got through one case and then another while keeping the original plea in place.Don was able to petition the courts for early termination of probation. Today, my relative is no longer in the system, having to report on a weekly basis, graduated college & gone on with his carer, having avoided prison – Thanks to Don Pumphrey JR.’s representation and expertise.

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