Lee N. Scheele Jr.


While unrelated to his Legal Services (which get regular accolades online), I wanted to take a moment to give a 5-Star review to Don Pumphrey as a man in his private life. Two days ago, Don had the day off. He’s a successful and busy attorney, so his time off is a precious commodity. Early in the morning, Don and his lovely wife drove into the heart of the Hurricane Michael ravaged town of Marianna. Specifically, he drove to my Aunt’s home. A recent widow who is suffering from a number of very serious medical issues, her generational family home suffered extensive damage, but they also lost each and every tree on the property… including a 300+ year old Live Oak that had managed to fall on her water well. With total disregard for his own personal safety, I watched in awe as Don spent an entire day, and well into darkness wielding a 48-inch chainsaw. He burned through three tanks of gas and two quarts of bar oil. His wife, and two other men worked to clear his cuts away as fast as he could section them. Again and again. For hours. His last cut of the day finally cleared the tree away from the well so my Aunt could have drinking water again. He did this for nothing. Not for money, or for glory, but because he saw a widow of a U.S. Veteran in need. So before you consider just what kind of Attorney you may hire, you may also want to stop for a moment and consider what kind of MAN you want in your corner when your whole world has stopped, and the chips are down. I am profoundly grateful to you Don, and to your wonderful and strong wife Tracey. You bring credit to your name and to all Floridians. God Bless You Both!


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