Drug Charges Wakulla Charges Dropped

Felony Case

  • Charges: Possession and Sale of Controlled Substance
  • Result: Charges Dropped


Possession and Sale of a Controlled Substance


In March of 2016, the Wakulla County Sheriffs Office of Narcotics conducted an undercover narcotics transaction that involved the help of a confidential informant. They set up the undercover transaction with a man who is believed to sell the drug flakka then sent the undercover informant in wearing a recording/listening device along with U.S money to see if the man would sell her any product. After the informative met with the man, who became one of our clients, he then sold the undercover what tested positive to be flakka. The digital evidence was all kept and uploaded resulting in the arrest of Ethan Woodard.


All Charges Dropped

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