2005 CF 2435 A1-4

Felony DUI Charges Leon County Not Guilty

Felony Case

  • Charges: DUI
  • Result: Not Guilty


  • Count 1 – Resisting an Officer with Violence
  • Count 2 – Battery on an Officer
  • Count 3 – Refusal to Submit to Breath Test
  • Count 4 – DUI


It was alleged that the Defendant was sleeping in his car that was parked in a handicap parking space. His car was turned off and the keys were in the center console. When the officer came onto the scene, he asked the Defendant to perform field sobriety exercises. However, the Defendant walked away from the officer and walked toward his wife’s vehicle that just arrived on the scene. The officer then used a stun gun on the Defendant three times. The Defendant refused to take a breath test.


  • Count 1 – Not Guilty by Jury of his peers
  • Count 2 – Not Guilty by Jury of his peers
  • Count 3 – State Dropped the Charge
  • Count 4 – Not Guilty by Jury of his peers

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