2011 CT 1705 A1-3

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon County Dropped

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: DUI
  • Result: Dropped


  • Count 1 – DUI Causing Damage to Property
  • Count 2 – Resisting an Officer Without Violence
  • Count 3 – Driving with License Expired More Than Four Months


Defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence Causing Damage to Property, Resisting an Officer Without Violence, and Driving with a License Expired More Than Four Months. Defendant was allegedly involved in a car accident. Responding officers allegedly found the Defendant in the rear Driver’s seat and claimed they could smell alcohol emanating from the Defendant’s person. Defendant declined to perform Field Sobriety Tests or provide a blood sample after being taken to the emergency room. After filing a motion to suppress and arguing the motion before the judge, the judge agreed to suppress evidence. The State then was forced to drop the charges.


  • Count 1 – State Dropped the Charge 
  • Count 2 – State Dropped the Charge 
  • Count 3 – State Dropped the Charge

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