2011 CT 3755 A1

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon County Dropped

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: DUI
  • Result: Dropped


  • Count 1- DUI: 0.15 or Higher


Defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence with a breath-alcohol level of 0.15 or higher. Defendant was pulled over by police after allegedly nearly hitting vehicles parked alongside the roadway. Defendant performed Field Sobriety tests after which he was arrested. Defendant provided breath samples with results of 0.240 and 0.232. After filing a motion to suppress the stop of the Defendant and showing that the officer’s observations of the Defendant almost hitting parked cars didn’t match the dash cam video, the State chose to drop the charges instead of having motion hearing.


  • Count 1 – State Dropped the Charge

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