2011 MM 02329

Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer Leon County Diversion Program

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: Disorderly Conduct
  • Result: Diversion Program


  • Count 1 – Disorderly Conduct
  • Count 2 – Resisting an Officer without Violence


Defendant was at the Tallahassee Airport going through security when the security began to throw away her belongings. It was alleged that the Defendant got defensive, but was allowed to board the plane. It was alleged that while the Defendant boarded the plane, she allegedly began to use profanity at some of the aircraft staff. A terminal worker approached the Defendant and requested that the Defendant leave the plane. The Defendant indicated to the terminal worker and the pilot she was okay to fly, but the police came and escorted her from the plane. After the Defendant exited the aircraft, the police handcuffed and arrested her for alleged disorderly conduct and resisting and officer without violence.


  • Count 1- Diversion Program
  • Count 2- Diversion Program

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