2011 MM 2645 A1

Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer Leon County Not Guilty

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: Resist Officer Obstruct without Violence
  • Result: Not Guilty


  • Count 1 – Resisting an Officer/ Obstruction Without Violence


The Defendant was the passenger in a serious vehicular collision. After the accident, the Defendant had to pull himself out of the vehicle through the driver’s side window. The Defendant called 911 to report the collision, and as he walked to the street sign, with the 911 operator on the phone, he was tackled without warning by police officers. The officers alleged that they thought the Defendant was attempting to flee the scene, that he was the driver of the vehicle, and that they had issued verbal warnings to the Defendant. Through our investigation, it was revealed that the Defendant’s 9-1-1 call recorded the entire incident. This recording was vital in proving that the Defendant was not fleeing from the officers or even walking quickly, and that he was tackled without any verbal warning. The attorneys at our firm took this case to trial, aggressively demanding answers from the officers, and defending our client.


  • Count 1- Not Guilty by a Jury of his peers

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