2012 CT 340 A1

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon County Reduced

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: DUI
  • Result: Reduced


  • Count 1- DUI


Defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence. Defendant was stopped by officers alleging she did not come to a complete stop at a posted stop sign. The officers also alleged that they smelled alcohol emanating from the Defendant, and that the Defendant’s eyes were red and watery. The Defendant complied with the officer’s requests to perform Field Sobriety Tests and provided a breath sample over the legal limit. Our office filed a Motion to Suppress the evidence obtained, and before the judge made a ruling, the Defendant was offered a lower charge by the State. The Defendant was also allowed to seal her record.


  • Count 1 – DUI lowered to Reckless Driving, Adjudication withheld.

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