2016 CF 2181

Theft / Property Crime Leon County Dropped

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: Forged Driver's License
  • Result: Dropped


  • Count 1 – Felony Possession of a Forged Driver’s License
  • Count 2 – Loitering & Prowling
  • Count 3 – Resisting an Officer Without Violence


The client came to the Pumphrey Law Firm after receiving a written arrest for Felony Possession of a Forged Driver’s License and two misdemeanor offenses. The client was worried that this felony arrest would jeopardize his future as he was set to begin his freshman year at the University of West Florida. Attorney Kristian Oldham spoke with the State Attorney’s Office intake division regarding the charges. The client was never observed committing any criminal offense but rather was seen walking around the FSU campus around 4:00 AM by an FSUPD Officer. When the Officer saw the client, he observed him possibly trying to conceal himself and upon the Officer’s approach, the client ran away from the Officer. The Officer gave chase and arrested client for Loitering & Prowling. A search incident to arrest revealed the forged driver’s license. In speaking to the assigned ASA, Attorney Kristian Oldham asserted the weaknesses in the L&P statute and the lack of likelihood the arrest would stand when the evidence was placed on the record. The State offered to drop the Felony driver’s license charge and refer the case to the misdemeanor diversion program. Thanks to the work of the attorneys at Pumphrey Law, the client was able to avoid a felony charge going on his record before beginning his college career and upon completion of the diversion program in Florida, all charges will be dropped, thus allowing the client to expunge his record and be free from this arrest holding him back in the future.


  • Count 1 – Felony Charge Dropped
  • Count 2 – Sent to Diversion
  • Count 3 – Sent to Diversion

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