2016-CT-2674 A1-7

Misdemeanor DUI Charges Leon Plea to 1 count of Reckless Driving

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: 7x DUI w/ Property Damage or Personal Injury
  • Result: Plea to 1 count of Reckless Driving


7 Counts of DUI with Property Damage and/or Personal Injury


Officers responded to a traffic crash that had reported injuries and property damage on the intersection of W. Carolina St. and Macomb St. When the officers arrived to the scene they noticed Branden Hill who was slightly unconscious in the driver seat of a vehicle that had crashed with another then hit a light pole. A witness who gave a sworn statement said that he witnessed the whole thing happen when Hill ran a stop sign and struck the other vehicles and the light pole. The officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Hills breath and was placed under the arrest for seven counts of DUI and property or person damage.


Plea to one count of reckless driving, withhold of adjudication, probation with DUI school and community service

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