2016 MM 1338

Marijuana Charges Leon County Dismissed

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Result: Dismissed


  • 4 Counts – Possession of Paraphernalia


Client was charged with four counts of possession of paraphernalia after she was arrested for smoking cannabis in her car in a parking lot of the University. An FSUPD Officer made contact with the defendant when he noticed her sitting in her car in the middle of night. Upon making contact the officer smelled freshly burnt cannabis and detained the client in order to search her car for narcotics and other contraband. The search resulted in the finding of several items commonly considered to be narcotics paraphernalia including a pipe, grinder, and plastic baggie with cannabis residue. The officer wrote the defendant a Notice to Appear and released her at the scene. KS retained the Pumphrey Law Firm to defend her in this matter. Attorney Kristian Oldham met with the Prosecutor assigned to the case and explained the circumstances of the event, including that the client suffers from anxiety disorder and the cannabis was used to aid in sleeping. As the client posed no threat to the University and was not accused of selling or distributing narcotics, the State agreed to place the client in the Diversion program where she would be allowed to perform community service hours in exchange for outright dismissal of her case. This outright dismissal has allowed the attorneys at the Pumphrey Law Firm to file for a full expunction of the client’s record so that this misdemeanor arrest does not affect her for the rest of her life.


  • Count 1 – Diversion; Case Dismissed

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