Domestic Violence Charges Leon County Dropped

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: Domestic Battery
  • Result: Dropped


  • Count 1 – Domestic Battery


Client came to the Pumphrey Law Firm for representation after being arrested for a misdemeanor domestic battery. Knowing the reputation of the firm, JH asked the attorneys at the Pumphrey Law Firm to help him get this case dropped and put behind him so he could move on with his life. The client and the victim were involved in a long term relationship, but due to this incident, the relationship ended and the victim chose to return home to the United Kingdom. Upon learning of this move, Attorney Kristian Oldham moved quickly to set the case for trial, notified the State that their lone witness no longer lived in the Country, and that they would be unable to get her under subpoena for trial. As a result of Mr. Oldham’s quick thinking, the State agreed to dismiss the charges against the client, thus clearing him of wrongdoing and allowing him to move on with his life by putting this event behind him. The client was very thankful of the work by the attorneys at the Pumphrey Law Firm.


  • Count 1- Charges Dropped

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