2017 CF 403 A

Sex Crime Allegations Leon County Dismissed

Felony Case

  • Charges: Sexual Battery
  • Result: Dismissed


  • Count 1 – Sexual Battery


Client was a medical student (and still is and will soon be a Medical Dr.) Client was also a foreign national and not a U.S. Citizen. Client met a female on Tinder after a mixer party with Law School and Medical School. Girl came to his apartment for sex, client was exhausted and had legally consumed some alcohol. Client fell asleep and did not perform any act. Girl woke client up and was upset he had fallen asleep. Accused client of forcible rape. Based on prior cases handled over the last 20 years, I recognized patterns consistent with false rape allegations. Intense discovery commenced, experts were retained including a biomechanical engineer who was able to prove what was described by the alleged rape victim was physically impossible, alleged victim admitted in deposition to numerous lies including lies to law enforcement, DNA expert found FDLE’s procedures on DNA testing were flawed. We further found that FDLE failed to comply with a court order and did not account for another Y Chromosome in the vaginal vault indicating another male other than client. After skilled cross examination that was videotaped, the alleged victim admitted and was caught in numerous lies and even admitted that lying is a way of life. Case Nolle Prossed (Dissmissed) within speedy trial.


  • Count 1 – Dismissed

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