FHP 715-13-003

Criminal Traffic Violations Leon County No Formal Charges

Felony Case

  • Charges: No Charges Filed
  • Result: No Formal Charges


  • No Charges Filed


Our client was involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle with a friend who was on another motorcycle. FHP arrived on scene and performed a traffic crash investigation. Unfortunately they could not determine who was riding which motorcycle because prior to getting on scene, our client had moved the motorcycles and his friend out of the middle of the road due to the possibility of traffic. His friend died on scene. When interrogated by FHP, our client elected to exercise his constitutional right to remain silent. FHP took a blood sample from our client due to an odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Instead of just waiting for FHP to come to a decision, he hired Pumphrey Law to protect his interests.


After nearly a year-long investigation, FHP and the State Attorney’s Office decided not to file formal charged against our client.

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