Misdemeanor DUI Charges Taylor County Charge Dropped

Misdemeanor Case

  • Charges: DUI 2nd Offense
  • Result: Charge Dropped


DUI 2nd Offense


An officer in Taylor County was conducting highway patrol when we noticed a vehicle coming up on him at a fast speed and clocked the car going 70mph in a 55mph zone. The officer proceeded to turn his lights on a pull the vehicle over for a traffic stop. When the officer spoke to the individual who was identified as our client, John Womack, the officer noticed his eyes were blood shot and he had a very strong odor coming from his breath. After the officer became suspicious, he instructed Womack to do a field sobriety test in which Womack failed all the tests. The car was searched where the officer found several open containers of beer that were half full along with prescription medications. Womack was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.


Charge dropped

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