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  • "I trust this law firm so much that I refer them friends and family. They are always there for you with advice and guidance." by A.S., Past Client
  • "He takes care of everything from start to finish. If you are looking for the best, go with Don!" by Amanda S., Past Client
  • "Mr. Pumphrey and his staff are true experts at interpretation of the law and worked hard to protect my rights." by Anonymous (Google Review 3), Past Client
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  • "I am profoundly grateful to you Don" by Lee N. Scheele Jr., Peer
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Franklin County - Pumphrey Law

Pumphrey Law was established to help men, women, and youth reach a brighter future after an arrest through passionate and strategic defense. That drive and commitment has gained favorable outcomes for their clients and spurred the firm’s rapid growth. With more than 20 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Pumphrey Law provide comprehensive knowledge of the law to defend you at every stage of the judicial process.

If you live in Franklin County, including Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Beverly, Bay City, Creeds, or the surrounding areas, you may find the information on this website helpful in getting a better understanding of your situation. You can learn more about penalties, possible defenses, statutes, and other issues relevant to your situation.

If you are facing charges, however, there is no substitute for seeking out the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney, especially if you are facing serious felony charges such as violent crimes, sexual assault, or drug charges in Apalachicola.

Call (850) 681-7777 to learn more during an in-depth consultation with an experienced defense lawyer.

Franklin County Criminal Lawyer

When you are dealing with a prosecution that relies on certain strategies to show guilt, this perspective of the other side can be invaluable. We understand that you have a lot riding on a positive outcome. This is why our attorneys will never settle for the easiest solution and will always fight for your best interests.

The attorneys at Pumphrey Law represent clients in a wide variety of criminal misdemeanor and felony offenses. This includes assault, theft, juvenile offenses, drug charges, weapons charges, probation violation, and other matters. Their focus on criminal defense also extends to administrative matters such as protective order hearings, early termination of probation hearings, and emergency bail bond hearings.

As DUI attorneys in Apalachicola, they also represent clients in the civil license suspension hearing.

Because you often have limited time once a criminal accusation is made, retaining an attorney as quickly as possible after an arrest helps ensure the best possible results from your trial. Additionally, it allows for the efficient gathering of time-sensitive evidence and witness testimony that can make an impact on any criminal case, whether you are facing a domestic violence charge in Carrabelle or a minor offense.

Regardless of the severity of the charges you face, you can count on Pumphrey Law to give you the support that you need.

Additional Resources

Franklin County Court and Legal Resources

  • Franklin County Courthouse
    Marcia M. Johnson is the Clerk of the Courts for Franklin County Florida and serves the public in the main areas of Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts, Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, including serving as accountant, auditor, and custodian of county funds, and County Recorder.

    33 Market Street
    Apalachicola, FL 32320
    Phone: (850)653-8861

  • Public Defender Office, 2nd Circuit
    Serving Franklin, Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Liberty and Wakulla Counties. Nancy Daniels is the fifth public defender to serve the Second Judicial Circuit. Her mission is to provide high-quality legal representation to each client. She is the state’s first female public defender.

Law Enforcement In Franklin County

  • The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department
    The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department serves the communities of Apalachicola, Eastpoint, Carrabelle, St. George Island, Lanark, St. James, St. Teresa and Alligator Point.

    270 State Road 65
    Eastpoint, FL 32328
    Phone: (850) 670-8500

  • The Carrabelle City Police Department
    The Carrabelle Police Department is focused on providing the community with the highest quality of law enforcement services through professionalism and proactive initiatives.

    1001 Gray Avenue
    Carrabelle, FL 32322
    Phone: (850) 697-3691

  • Apalachicola City Police Department
    The Apalachicola Police Department is committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property. The Patrol unit is considered the backbone of the Apalachicola Police Department and strives to maintain a safe and orderly environment for the citizens and visitors of Apalachicola. The Apalachicola Police Department also includes a Narcotics division, responsible for removing countless numbers of drug offenders and illegal substances from the streets and neighborhoods of the community.

    1 Avenue East
    Apalachicola, FL 32320
    Phone: (850) 653-9755

Pumphrey Law | Apalachicola Criminal Defense Attorney

You are undoubtedly stressed and confused in light of your criminal arrest. The Florida justice system can be daunting when faced alone. The attorneys at Pumphrey Law are here to help guide you through this process to a positive outcome.

Regardless of the alleged crime you are charged with or complexity of your administrative matters, let Pumphrey Law stand up for your future. When you stand to lose so much, it’s critical to work with an attorney who will always have your best interests in mind and not the easiest solution.

Call (850) 681-7777 for your free, in-depth consultation.

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