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  • "I trust this law firm so much that I refer them friends and family. They are always there for you with advice and guidance." by A.S., Past Client
  • "Don Pumphrey is amazing and gets the job done right!! I would highly recommend him to anyone. " by Amanda, Past Client
  • "If your college kid makes a mistake this is the attorney you need" by Anonymous (AVVO Review), Parent of Past Client
  • ""He’s who you want to talk to."" by Austin (2020), Past Client
  • "Would recommend if looking for a law firm that is committed to every case and personal circumstance" by Cameron J., Past Client
  • "He took his time with my case and made sure to get me the best results." by David H., Past Client
  • "Best criminal attorney in Florida" by Elizabeth R., Past Client
  • "I have never felt so taken care of from an attorney. " by J. Burke, Past Client
  • "I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of the best legal care available!!! " by J. Martinez, Past Client
  • "When the quality of rest of your life is at stake go with Don trust me he has literally saved my life more then once" by J. Smith, Past Client
  • "I was referred to Mr. Pumphrey’s law firm through a mutual friend who spoke highly of him. At no surprise, he came through for me in a huge way. He was effective and efficient. If you are in need of a top notch lawyer that gets the job done, Don Pumphrey is who you need!" by Jonathan C., Past Client
  • "Highly recommended if you need the best representation" by L.L., Past Client
  • "Don can minimize your momentary lapse in judgement!" by Laura B., Past Client
  • "They were there for me every step of the way and I never felt like just another case to them." by Lauren J., Past Client
  • " Don Pumphrey is the best attorney in Florida." by Luke S., Past Client

Leon County - Pumphrey Law

Being faced with a criminal charge is no small matter. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime you have the right to a fair trial, a strong legal defense, and to have your rights protected by a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

A key component of the law is that anyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, these days it seems more likely that guilt is assumed until innocence is proven. This is exactly why you need to consult with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Tallahassee, FL

The attorneys at Pumphrey Law Firm are committed to defending the rights of those wrongfully accused of crime. Whether you have been charged with possession of a Fake IDDUI, or even Sexual Battery or Murder, it is crucial to seek the advice of an experienced defense attorney. Our firm offers free initial consultations where you can discuss your case with our lawyers and strategize a defense plan to clear your name.

What is a Free Consultation?

A free consultation is an initial meeting between an attorney and an individual who is facing criminal charges. It is considered a free consultation because the attorney—in this case, the defense attorneys with Pumphrey Law—is providing this meeting free of charge to the potential client. The session serves as an opportunity for both the attorney and the potential client to evaluate if they are a good fit to work together.

Pumphrey Law offers free, one-hour (60 minute) consultations to review the accused party’s case to get a better understanding of the facts of the case and then provide the best advice given the circumstances. 

What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

If you’re seeking a free consultation with a defense attorney, it helps to first understand their role and how they contribute to a criminal case. The following lists the main tasks an attorney with Pumphrey Law will help you with if you choose to hire us:

  1. Investigation – A defense attorney will investigate the case to identify any weaknesses in the opposing counsel’s case.
  2. Plea negotiations – A defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecution to secure a plea bargain to reduce the charges and penalties against you.
  3. Trial representation – If your case proceeds to trial, the defense attorney will represent you, presenting evidence and arguments on your behalf.
  4. Appeal representation – If the trial results in an appeal, the defense attorney will argue to reverse or modify the sentence.

A defense attorney is responsible for protecting your rights and using defense strategies to help reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

Why is a Free Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney Important?

It is an understandably stressful experience to be charged with a criminal offense. A free consultation with a defense attorney is integral for a person facing criminal charges for several reasons:

  1. Legal guidance – Most people will not have a full understanding of the various legal statutes and language. During a free consultation, a defense attorney with Pumphrey Law can help explain the charges against you and the potential consequences, and the legal process involved.
  2. Case assessment – The details of your case will be discussed in a free consultation with Pumphrey Law. This involves a careful examination of the evidence, witness statements, and any other factors that are relevant to the charges against you.
  3. Understanding your rights – A free consultation with Pumphrey Law is an opportunity for you to learn about your legal rights. Understanding constitutional rights is imperative in a criminal case.
  4. Exploration of legal options – Based on the information provided about your case, an attorney can discuss potential options such as negotiating a plea deal, pursuing an alternative sentencing, or preparing for trial.
  5. Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses – The defense attorney can help identify any strengths and weaknesses of the case. This assessment helps you understand the likelihood of success in court and any potential challenges the case may face.
  6. Establishing trust – Building trust with a defense attorney makes all the difference in a criminal case. You will want an attorney on your side who you can trust and feel comfortable with representing your case. The free consultation with Pumphrey Law provides an opportunity for the person facing charges to evaluate the attorney’s experience, communication style, and their commitment to your case.
  7. Payment structure discussion – It is important to understand an attorney’s fee structure during the free consultation. This discussion can focus on legal fees, payment plans, and any additional costs associated with legal representation. This transparency helps you plan for the financial aspects of the defense.
  8. Time sensitivity – Criminal cases often have strict deadlines, which is why you should take advantage of a free consultation with Pumphrey Law early in the legal process.
  9. Peace of mind – Facing criminal charges is a stressful experience. A free consultation with a defense attorney can provide peace of mind by offering insight into the legal situation and outlining a roadmap for moving forward.

What Should I Bring to my Free Consultation?

Our staff has access to the Clerk of Courts and can likely pull the important information surrounding your case.

However, Pumphrey Law requests that you bring any paperwork you may have received during the arrest process, in the mail, etc. One of our attorneys will review your information and case before meeting with you, but any additional information you can provide is important.

What Happens During an Initial Consultation?

During your initial consultation with a Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer, such as Don Pumphrey, Jr., you will be asked a series of questions to better understand the case and your legal needs. Keep in mind that the specific questions may vary based on the nature of your case. The following provides informational talking points during your free consultation with Pumphrey Law:

  1. Your Personal Information;
  2. The details of the alleged criminal act and what you were charged with;
  3. Your Legal History;
  4. Details of the arrest (Your side of the story);
  5. Details of any witnesses or mitigating factors;
  6. Goals for the outcome of your case; and
  7. Any questions or concerns you may have.

Should I be Completely Honest During My Criminal Defense Consultation?

Yes! It is crucial to be completely honest during your consultation with our criminal defense attorneys. Attorney-client privilege protects the confidentiality of your discussions with your lawyer, so you can feel comfortable sharing all the details of your case, even if they may be embarrassing or incriminating. Being honest is essential.

Do all Lawyers Charge for a Consultation?

NO! Here at Pumphrey Law, all criminal defense consultations are confidential and free-of-charge. 

What is the best way to get a consultation from a lawyer?

Simply fill out our contact form here, or call our office at 850-681-7777 to schedule a free criminal defense consultation at a time that fits your schedule. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Defense Lawyer in Tallahassee

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, no matter how big or small, seeking legal advice is an important part of defending your rights. Contact the Tallahassee criminal defense attorneys at Pumphrey Law Firm to schedule your FREE consultation with a lawyer today! Call our office at (850) 681-7777 to get the ball rolling on your free consultation.

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