Broward County Man Arrested for Possession of Over 100 Sexual Abuse Content of Children

March 15, 2023 Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

A South Florida man has been arrested in connection with over 100 depictions of CSAM found on his digital device. The arrest came after months of investigating on behalf of the ICAC, SWAT, and BSO.

This article will provide the case details, Florida’s charges and penalties for child pornography charges, and helpful resources.

What was the Case?

Dylan Kenyon-Jones, 28, has been arrested in relation to a tip from Twitter which led police to find an extensive amount of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on his computer.

According to the report by Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO), the North Florida ICAC unit had been given a tip by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Kenyon-Jones was in possession and transmitting child pornography via social media.

The ICAC opened an investigation into the case, which led them to Kenyon-Jones as the suspect. The suspect had relocated home to South Florida, which is when BSO was contacted to assist with the case.

On March 8th, 2023, a search warrant was presented to Kenyon-Jones at his residence. With the assistance of BSO, SWAT, and ICAC, detectives managed to uncover more than 100 images of child pornography on a laptop found in the suspect’s room. Included in the incriminating evidence were children between the ages of 6 to 12-years-old who were engaged in a sexual activity.

Kenyon-Jones has since been arrested and faces 11 charges related to child pornography. His bond has been set at $110,000.

Possession of Child Pornography

Florida Statue Section 847.001(3) defines child pornography as any image which depicts a minor under the age of 18 in sexual conduct. Sexual conduct can mean a multitude of things, including any of the following:

  • Sexual intercourse (actual or simulated);
  • Deviate sexual intercourse;
  • Sexual bestiality;
  • Masturbation;
  • Sadomasochistic abuse;
  • Actual lewd exhibition of the genitals;
  • Actual physical contact with a person’s clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or breasts with the intention of arousal or gratifying sexual desire of either party; and/or
  • Any conduct or act which constitutes sexual battery or simulates that sexual battery is being or will be committed.

It is unlawful for any person to possess, distribute, transmit, or manufacture child pornography in Florida. Under Florida Statute Sections 847.0135, 847.0138, and 827.071, any of these violations can result in a third-degree felony. A third-degree felony has penalties of up to a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

Important: One of the reasons a child pornography offense can be so detrimental is due to Florida’s law to charge each photo or video of child pornography transmitted as a separate offense. This means the prosecution will count each piece of content and add an additional five years to the sentence.

In addition to the penalties listed above, those convicted of sex crimes involving children are required to register under the State’s Sex Offender Registry. This is often a life-long registration. That means any time you apply for a job, a place to live, or in some cases to apply for child support, it will be public information that you have been convicted of possessing child pornography. With that in mind, it is extremely important to receive the help of a defense attorney if you have been accused of a child pornography crime.

Can Someone be Falsely Accused of Child Pornography Possession?

There are certain criminal offenses in which the public form an opinion of guilt before the case even reaches trial. Unfortunately, cases involving possible traces of child pornography fall under that category. Due to the nature of the offense, as soon as a person is arrested for possession of child pornography, it is as if the rest of society has determined the defendant’s guilt.

However, there have been cases before in which the accused person was not responsible for the content of their digital devices. How can this be possible? Considering the modern world of technology, it is not uncommon for viruses or other problematic programs to be downloaded to a person’s computer. In some cases, this can even happen without their knowledge or consent. To read about computer viruses and how they can unknowingly download incriminating evidence to your computer, read our page here.

How to Defend Someone Charged with Child Pornography Possession

After someone has been arrested on the accusation of child pornography possession, the first step the defendant should take is reaching out to a skilled defense attorney in their area. A defense attorney can help in several ways.

First, they can review all the case details from your file. From there the attorney can help strategize possible defenses for your case. If your devices have been confiscated and searched by law enforcement, a defense attorney may advise working with a digital forensic expert. In some cases, this type of expert may be able to discover what caused the unlawful content to wind up on the defendant’s devices.

To read more about digital forensic experts, please visit our page here.

Helpful Resources

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the following is a list of helpful resources in reference to child pornography charges:

  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) – The NCMEC is a nonprofit organization that provides services across the U.S. for professionals and families in the prevention of endangered, abducted, or sexually exploited children.
  • ICAC Task Force Program – The ICAC Task Force was established to help both local and State law enforcement investigate possible offenders over the internet or other technical means to exploit children. There are 59 regional Task Force agencies that are funded by the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Through the task force, the agencies will be assisted with training and technical assistance support of the Internet Crimes Against Children initiatives.
  • Crimes Against Children Research Center (CCRC) – The CCRC’s goal is to fight crimes against children with high-quality research. The organization provides law enforcement, the public, and lawmakers with the latest data on crimes against children. The CCRC’s research is based on child abduction, homicide, rape, assault, and physical abuse along with their impact.

Finding a Defense Attorney in Tallahassee, Florida

In Florida, some of the harshest penalties are given to defendants who are convicted of sex crimes. This is especially true when there are children involved. A person convicted of a child pornography charge can face extensive imprisonment, face expensive fines, and be required to register as a life-long sex offender under Florida’s Sex Offender Registry. The stakes are too high not to take such charges seriously.

Working with a Tallahassee criminal defense attorney is your best shot at fighting your case and earning your freedom. Don Pumphrey and his team of attorneys have years of experience representing clients charged with criminal offenses in Florida. If it’s a top-quality defense you’re looking for, look no further. Contact Pumphrey Law Firm today at (850) 681-7777 or leave an online message on our website to receive a free consultation regarding your case.

Written by Karissa Key

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