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Category: Theft/Property Crimes

What is Theft in Florida? The Law and Defenses

June 27, 2024 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

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What is Theft in Florida?  A person commits theft if he or she knowingly obtains or uses, or endeavors to obtain or to use, the property of another person – with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive that other person of the right or benefit of that property. Theft also occurs if a person appropriates property for personal use …

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Florida Felony Crimes Classification and Statutory Penalties for Felony Crimes

June 26, 2024 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, Theft/Property Crimes, Violent Crimes

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Before October 31, 1998, the Florida Criminal Punishment Code consisted of restrictions on the maximum and minimum penalties for felonies of various types in Florida. On that day, Florida’s Legislature changed the criminal punishment code to allow a judge in their discretion to give – without any reason either written or otherwise – the maximum penalty for each felony crime …

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Florida Police Bust $100,000 Home Depot Organized Theft Ring

May 16, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody recently announced a series of charges for suspects involved in an organized theft ring that targeted Home Depot. The group formed an organized retail theft ring in which they stole over $100,000 worth of items from dozens of stores. This page will provide the case details and information pertaining to the charges against the defendants. …

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Five Arrested in Organized Retail Theft Ring

May 2, 2024 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

The state of Florida has made it clear in recent years that organized theft rings are an issue among various merchandisers. After addressing the national issue with retail theft, Attorney General Ashley Moody pushed for harsher criminal penalties for individuals involved in organized theft groups. Since signed into law, the retail theft task force has been diligent in seeking out …

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Chicago Man Faces Federal Penalties for Snapchat Phishing Scam

March 20, 2024 Criminal Defense, Social Media, Theft/Property Crimes

Federal prosecutors have secured the conviction of a Chicago-based man accused of a phishing scheme that targeted over seven hundred women. After using the social media platform Snapchat to target college-aged women, the suspect would use their personal information, even obtaining private nude images from the accounts. This page will provide the case details, along with information pertaining to phishing …

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How Defrauding Elderly Citizens can Result in Criminal Charges

March 19, 2024 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

The state of Florida is home to a huge population of senior citizens. While they may aim to spend their remaining years basking in the Sunshine State’s sun, they can unfortunately become victimized by potential fraud schemes. There are thousands of complaints to the FBI each year about alleged financial scams against elderly people. When a person is accused of …

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Broward Men Charged in Million Dollar Uber Eats Scam

October 5, 2023 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes

Stealing money or property from another person or entity can result in the prosecution for a theft charge. If the theft is a part of an ongoing plan or scheme to steal money from a person or entity, it can result in being charged with a White-Collar Crime such as organized fraud. Both charges should be taken seriously, as they …

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Palm Beach County “Bird Bandit” Captured and Charged

September 4, 2023 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes

The state of Florida has no current legislation for specifying the theft of animals or pets—instead, a person accused of stealing another person’s animal can be charged with theft. Depending on the value of the stolen animal, the charge may be considered petit or grand theft. The search for the Palm Beach “bird bandit,” who was accused of stealing nearly …

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Penalties for Grand Theft of an Emergency Medical Equipment

May 29, 2023 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes

When a defendant is accused of stealing, the charge they will likely face is theft. Theft charges in Florida can be classified as petit or grand theft, depending on the value of the stolen item. If the stolen item was an emergency vehicle, grand theft charges become more severe. In a recent Florida case, a man is being charged with …

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