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Seminole County Sheriffs Arrest Two Students for Trespassing and Disturbing the Peace

May 2, 2024 College, Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

After a trespassing incident led to the lockdown of a Florida high school, law enforcement is working on ways to prevent the unlawful acts of entering school grounds without permission. Although the two defendants were students at a different local school, they have since been arrested and charged with two separate crimes. This page will provide the case details and …

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UF Student Confesses to Stabbing his Mother to Death

May 2, 2024 College, Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

Law enforcement in Polk County is trying to make sense of a targeted murder of a Florida college student’s mother. After confessing to stabbing his mother over 70 times, the medical student is facing charges of first-degree murder after claiming his motivation was due to her annoying him. This page will provide the case details so far, as well as …

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How Dangerous are Electric Scooters?

April 30, 2024 College, Criminal Defense

Over the last several years, electric scooters have made their way into the state of Florida with a substantial impact. Also referred to as e-scooters, the alternative transportation option first became legal in the state of Florida in June 2019 with the signing of HB 453 titled, “Micromobility Devices.” Florida considers micromobility devices as motorized transportation device that are available …

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University of Miami Fraternity Under Investigation after Hazing Video Goes Viral

March 20, 2024 College, College Student Disciplinary Hearing, Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

A recent video of University of Miami (UM) students has gone viral after depicting an alleged hazing incident. The video took place on UM’s campus and showed several students chugging milk and then spitting it back up onto another student in the trash can. While not technically a violent incident, the conduct is still being investigated by the university as …

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FSU Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide

July 26, 2023 College, College Student Disciplinary Hearing, Criminal Defense

Florida State University (FSU) follows in accordance with the Title IX rule,  preventing them from discriminating against anyone based on sex or gender. Title IX also protects students, teachers, and other visitors on campus from any form of sexual harassment or violence. While Title IX is not necessarily a criminal offense, it can result in harsh consequences for the accused …

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UF Quarterback Arrested for Child Pornography

December 9, 2022 College, Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Sex Crimes

When it comes to sex crimes, the state of Florida prosecutes cases harshly. This is especially true when the sex crimes involve minors. A person who is accused of possessing or distributing child pornography can lead to extensive penalties that could last the rest of their life. In a recent Florida case, a University of Florida athlete has been indefinitely …

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Drugged Drinks and Hateful Speech – UM Fraternity Shut Down

October 19, 2022 College, College Student Disciplinary Hearing, Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Sex Crimes

Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) Florida Gamma chapter was established at the University of Miami in 1949. After 70 years of acting as an established Greek community, the fraternity has been shut down due to drugging allegations and a hate speech video that surfaced. Several students have come forward to report the alleged drugging that happened at one of the fraternity’s …

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June 9, 2022 College, College Student Disciplinary Hearing, Criminal Defense

With busy streets, hot tropical weather, and a need to get from point A to point B, it’s no wonder that our beautiful city of Tallahassee has partnered with various electric scooter companies to bring the best e-scooter service to Florida’s Capitol. Students at Florida State University have a great opportunity to utilize these scooters or the free Trolley while …

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FSU’s Policy and Investigation Process for Sexual Misconduct

May 12, 2022 College, College Student Disciplinary Hearing, Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

In 2021, FSU Professor John “Read” Gainsford was accused of sexual misconduct with a male undergrad student. Although Gainsford was never charged and remains a faculty member, the incident brings up the current state of the university’s policy on sexual misconduct. There are different routes to take for either a student or faculty member getting accused of sexual misconduct. This …

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