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Category: Juvenile Offenses

Full Sail Student Arrested for Mass Shooting Threat to LGBTQ Community

January 9, 2023 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Violent Crimes

Making a threat of a mass shooting—even if it is considered a joke—can result in serious state and federal criminal charges. A young man from Winter Park has recently been arrested after posting a false mass shooting threat online, resulting in federal charges. This article will provide information on the recent case, along with information on state and federal charges …

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Teen Faces Murder Charges After Death of Pregnant Minor

November 15, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

A 16-year-old pregnant teen that was reported missing by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was found shot and killed in Orange County. A 17-year-old has been arrested for the crime and is waiting to hear if they will be charged as an adult. We will provide the details of the case, along with helpful information on juvenile …

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Three Teens Steal and Crash Maserati with Keys Left Inside

October 5, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements

A deadly crash in St. Petersburg was the outcome of three teenagers stealing a sliver Maserati over the weekend. The Pinellas County deputies saw the entire crash unfold after a chopper was investigating another crime. We will provide details on the case, along with information on grand theft charges and representing a juvenile in Florida. What was the Incident? Early …

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Florida Grand Jury Blasts Former Duval County Public School Director for Underreporting Crimes

August 27, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements

New reports released from the state’s grand jury have accused former police director Michael Edwards of manipulating and underreporting crimes on school grounds. Although the grand jury agreed that criminal misconduct took place within the department, a “legal quirk” has prevented them from charging Edwards with two felonies and one misdemeanor. The Office of Statewide Prosecution published a final report …

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TikTok “Orbeez Challenge” Continues – More Teens Arrested

July 7, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements

TikTok has caused another incident in Florida, this time resulting in almost 25 people getting shot at. We have written about the Orbeez Challenge in the past, and it appears the trend is still ongoing with teens using the social media platform. What started as two young boys playing a prank has turned into serious criminal charges, including a felony …

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New Florida Law Greenlights Expunction for Juveniles

July 7, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements

So far the long list of controversial bills signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis this past week has been received with frustration and anger. The new state policies on legal abortions and the “Don’t Say Gay” law have all been the main sources of topic, however, there are additional bills that should be addressed, for how they will affect …

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10-Year-Old Facing Murder Charges for Shooting

June 14, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Violent Crimes

A 10-year-old girl in Orlando may be facing murder charges after shooting an adult this past week. The tragic event happened after her mother got into an altercation with another woman in their apartment complex. The fight turned violent when the young girl grabbed her mother’s gun and shot the other woman. Now that the girl has been taken into …

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Historical Shift for Juveniles – Less Teens Facing Adult Courts

June 9, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

When a teenager is accused of a crime, it is typical that they are tried through the juvenile justice system. However, there are instances in which even a minor can be charged as an adult. This can be extremely stressful for a young teen who has been accused of a crime and may get sent to an adult court and …

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DeSantis Signs Juvenile Expungement Bill

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

After the House Judiciary Committee came to a unanimous decision in favor of HB 195, Gov. Ron DeSantis finally signed the bill into law on May 12th, 2022. The bill is titled “Juvenile Diversion Expunction” and is giving juveniles charged with a crime the opportunity to complete a court-ordered diversion program rather than going to jail and then expunging their …

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