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Category: Juvenile Offenses

DeSantis Signs Juvenile Expungement Bill

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

After the House Judiciary Committee came to a unanimous decision in favor of HB 195, Gov. Ron DeSantis finally signed the bill into law on May 12th, 2022. The bill is titled “Juvenile Diversion Expunction” and is giving juveniles charged with a crime the opportunity to complete a court-ordered diversion program rather than going to jail and then expunging their …

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Can Posting a Video on Snap Chat be considered a Written Threat?

May 6, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes

Teenagers are often categorized as emotional, dramatic, or even illogical risk-takers. Studies show that the reason they are prone to making these types of choices is simply due to the normal development of their brain. A story by Amanda Leigh Mascarelli, explains how the constant tug of war that the teenage brain experiences is logical when considering its purpose. Teenagers …

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Charged as Adults – Bulletproof Vest Test Gone Wrong

May 4, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Violent Crimes

Two young teens have been charged with the connection of a fatal shooting of their friend. The tragedy occurred when a group of four teens attempted to test out a bulletproof vest. Things went horribly wrong when one of the boys, Christopher Broad, 16, was shot several times in the chest, one-shot piercing through his chest and leading to his …

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Water Gun Prank Leads to Arrest in FL

April 22, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

Sometimes attempting to pull a prank doesn’t work in your favor. Teens and young adults may act without fully considering the consequences of their actions. For one young man, going onto a high school campus may have seemed harmless in theory, but ended up receiving several criminal charges. Since the individual was already 18-years-old, he will be tried as an …

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Possession of Firearms in Leon County Schools – Deadly Trend on the Rise?

April 21, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

Florida is known for its leniency when it comes to owning a gun. However, one charge they take very seriously is possessing a gun on a school campus. Gun violence is a serious issue, and it is important to educate both parents and students on the potential outcome of having one on campus. In Leon County, there have recently been …

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Joyriding to Grand Theft Auto – What Your Teen Should Be Aware Of

April 18, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Theft/Property Crimes

When we think of teenagers, one thing that often comes to mind is that they tend to make mistakes. It makes sense—their brains aren’t fully developed yet, their bodies and minds are still developing, and the social stigma of looking “cool” to friends can often lead to some bad decisions. Young adults lack impulse control due to the fact that …

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Is Ding Dong Ditching as Harmless as Pranksters Think?

April 7, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

For generations, youngsters have been “ding dong ditching” their neighbors for a quick laugh. The term “ding dong ditching” is associated with the act of ringing someone’s doorbell and running away before the unsuspecting victim can answer the door. Although this prank is often played by children and teenagers who believe they are engaging in harmless fun, that fun can …

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Incidents Involving TikTok Trend ‘Orbeez Challenge” Occur Across Florida

March 27, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

The latest TikTok trend – the “Orbeez Challenge” has swept across Florida, leaving law enforcement to warn both parents and children of the seriousness behind the social media trend. What is the Challenge? The “Orbeez Challenge” also referred to online as the #OrbeezChallenge, constitutes teens using a gel-ball gun or airsoft gun to shoot Orbeez, which are circular water gel …

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The Adolescent Brain – What Experts Say on Teens and Crime

March 24, 2022 Juvenile Offenses

Before the help of research by experts, sentencing for crimes was determined based solely on the severity of the crime committed. Now with the help of neuroscientists’ and psychologists’ research, the criminal justice system can evolve and change the way adolescents who have committed crimes are perceived and sentenced. For instance, factors that now may be considered in such a …

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