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Category: Probation Violation

Judge Issues an Arrest Warrant for Rapper Kodak for Violating his Bail Conditions

March 1, 2023 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, News & Announcements, Probation Violation

In certain circumstances, a person arrested for a criminal offense may be offered bail or a pretrial release. However, such an offer comes with usually strict rules that the defendant must follow. If any of the terms of bail are violated, it could result in the defendant being taken back into custody. In a recent case in Broward County, rapper …

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REFORM Alliance: How is it Affecting Probation in Florida?

August 12, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Probation Violation

A collaboration between unlikely groups has just been formed in regard to a new law regarding Florida’s probation system. Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill have formed and funded the REFORM Alliance—a nonprofit seeking to reform probation procedures in the United States. REFORM Alliance was formed in 2019 by Michael Rubin, rapper Meek Mill, and mogul Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. Rubin …

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How Does Probation Work for a Registered Sex Offender?

May 11, 2022 Probation Violation, Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are very serious offenses, and the state of Florida takes does not take them lightly. If someone has been accused of a sex crime, they face harsh consequences such as fines, potential jail time, and the social stigma of being placed as a registered sex offender. In some cases, a guilty verdict may not necessarily mean that the …

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Prison over Freedom? Florida Woman Asks to go Back into Jail to Avoid Homelessness and a Probation Violation

December 4, 2021 Criminal Defense, Probation Violation

Prison over Freedom? Florida Woman Asks to go Back into Jail to Avoid Homelessness and a Probation Violation Most of the time when people have served time in jail, they’re most excited for the day that they get released. The thought of freedom and returning to society keeps hope alive. Let’s be honest, a jail cell is not a comfortable …

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Will I Violate My Probation If I Get a Speeding Ticket?

November 30, 2021 Criminal Defense, Probation Violation

Essentially, the answer is a lawyer’s favorite phrase: “It depends.” If the speeding ticket is merely a civil infraction without any criminal punishments attached, it will not likely violate the terms of your probation. However, if it is a criminal traffic offense related to speeding, your probation will likely be considered violated. What is Probation? In Florida, probation is treated …

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Can you Bond out of Jail on a Probation Violation?

May 21, 2020 Probation Violation

tallahassee probation violation

Can I bound out of Jail for a VOP? Florida Probation Services manages the supervision of offenders throughout the state of Florida. The most popular types of supervision are: regular probation, administrative probation, drug offender probation, sex offender probation, and community control. Often this requires monitoring of specific conditions of release, sometimes by statute, and sometimes at the behest of …

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Probation Violations in Florida

April 29, 2019 Criminal Defense, Probation Violation florida violation of probation, probation violation, vop

probation violations florida

As outlined in Florida Statutes Chapter 498, probation is defined as a form of community supervision that imposes certain terms and conditions on an offender in lieu of incarceration. Although it serves as an alternative to incarceration, a probationary sentence should not be taken lightly. Violating a condition of your probation can have serious consequences and may even result in …

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How to Treat a Florida Sex Offender Designation

October 12, 2017 Criminal Defense, Probation Violation, Sex Crimes Sex Crime, Sex Offender

What is the Florida Sex Offender Registry? The Florida Sex Offender Registry is compiled and managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.[1] Individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes in Florida may be labeled a Sexual Offender,[2] or a Sexual Predator.[3] What is the difference between the designations? These two distinctions are very different, designation as a Sexual …

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Community Service / County Work: Diversion Program in Florida

October 9, 2017 Bench Warrants/Warrants, Criminal Defense, Probation Violation County Work Program, Diversion Program, Probation Community Service

Community Service / County Work: Diversion Program in Florida

A Guide to Diversion through Community Service/County Work Program So, you’ve been arrested for a charge that will qualify you for state attorney diversion work program/community service, and you’re wondering what happens next. Well, fortunately for you, Pumphrey Law is here to assist and hopefully the process outlined below will help you navigate the process for diversion in Leon County. …

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