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Category: Violent Crimes

Defendant Changes Mind About Plea – Accepts Mandatory Life Sentence

September 30, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes, Violent Crimes

A defendant in Hillsborough County shocked the courtroom after telling the judge he wanted to change his mind about having a jury trial in his armed robbery case. James Hanson Jr. was accused of armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, and first-degree murder from an incident that happened in 2019. We will provide information regarding the case’s details, what led to a …

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Trial Begins for Manslaughter Case Involving Mexican Celebrity

September 27, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

Even celebrities need criminal defense assistance. Pablo Lyle, the Mexican TV actor known for “My Adorable Cure” and Netflix show “Yankee” is facing criminal charges in an involuntary manslaughter case from 2019. We will cover the details of the case, along with information on manslaughter charges and penalties in Florida. What was the Incident? In April 2019, Mexican actor Pablo …

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Accidental Shooting Results in Light Sentence and Outrage from Victim’s Family

September 22, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

Manslaughter is the killing of another human being without malicious intent. Although it is not as severe as a murder charge, getting accused of manslaughter can still come with harsh penalties. A recent case in Florida shows the dangers of playing with firearms, and the outcome of the defendant’s trial which ended with a much lighter sentence than the victim’s …

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Parkland School Shooting Trial – The Defense Rests its Case

September 21, 2022 News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

More information has been published regarding the ongoing trial against Nikolas Cruz, the defendant in the Parkland high school massacre that took place in 2018. Cruz pled guilty to the murder charges in October 2021. Now the decision must be made whether to sentence him to life in prison without parole, or the death penalty. Cruz’s defense team has just …

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Florida’s Only Officer Convicted of On-Duty Killing in 30 Years

September 18, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

In nearly 30 years, there has only been one police officer in Florida who has been convicted and sentenced due to an on-duty killing. A former Palm Beach Gardens officer, Nouman Raja, is currently serving a 25-year sentence after shooting and killing Corey Jones.  On October 18th, 2015, Raja was working on an auto burglary investigation when he noticed an …

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Florida’s Most Notorious Guardian Begins Trial for Elderly Abuse

September 16, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

A professional guardian is someone who has been court-appointed to take care of elderly citizens and their assets. It is an important job and one that has recently been taken advantage of in Florida. A recent case highlights Florida’s “most notorious guardian” Rebecca Fierle, who is accused of mishandling her wards’ finances, along with abusing them. In one extreme case, …

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Charlie Adelson Denied Release from Prison

September 15, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

We continue to cover the details surrounding Dan Markel’s murder and the resulting criminal proceedings. As we’ve previously discussed, Charlie Adelson is one of the remaining suspects who has not yet gone to trial. Just last month, Katherine Magbanua was sentenced for her involvement in the arranged shooting. Now that Charlie Adelson’s trial is approaching, his defense attorney has requested …

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16-Year-Old Arrested for Shooting Minors at Bus Stop

September 14, 2022 Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

When an individual under the age of 18 gets arrested for a crime, it is likely that they will go through the juvenile criminal process. However, in some extreme cases, a juvenile can be tried as an adult. A recent case in Florida involving three people under the age of 18 may be heading to criminal court, not juvenile. We …

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Man Found Not Guilty After Accidental Shooting of Friend

September 10, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

When someone dies, the immediate charge that people think of is murder or homicide. The State has specific laws and penalties for a human being dying, and it differs depending on the specific details of the case. If a human being is killed in an accident, the criminal charge that is often given is manslaughter, which differs from murder charges. …

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