Pensacola Group Suggests Major Change to Florida’s Sex Offender Registry Program

February 16, 2017 Sex Crimes

A Florida advocacy group has proposed that Florida legislators make a major change to their sex offender registry program. With over 65,000 sex offenders currently registered on Florida’s state registry, this list includes offenders charged with minor offenses such as indecent exposure and those charged with more serious crimes such as sexual assault.

The Florida Action Committee suggests that a lack of categorical differences for different level offenses fails to fulfill the purpose of the Florida Sex Offender Registry list. FAC argues that with a lack of separation in varying offenses, the Florida sex offender registry is ineffective in alerting citizens of the most potentially dangerous individuals in the community.

The group argues that Florida should separate the sex offender registry into three separate categories organized by the likelihood of the individual committing a repeat offense.

Florida’s State Attorney’s Office appears to be in opposition of FAC’s registry re-organization idea, arguing against the necessity of the changes by mentioning that individuals convicted of the most serious sex offenses receive much longer prison sentences than those charged with lesser sex crimes.

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