Shooting in Orlando Causes Security Checkpoints Downtown

August 6, 2022 News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

Seven individuals were injured Sunday night in Downtown Orlando after someone pulled out a gun and shot into a large crowd. All of the victims survived, but police have yet to find the gunman.

Orlando’s reaction to the shooting has resulted in an increase in security, where more police will be standing on the streets and checking every person that tries to enter the downtown area. We will cover the details of the case, and what the measurements mean for citizens trying to go downtown in the future.

What was the Incident?

Around 2:22 am on July 31st, a huge fight broke out on South Orange and Wall Street. An unknown person pulled out a gun and started shooting into the crowd that had gathered due to the fight.

According to Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith, seven people were injured due to the shooting. A video captured the attack, showing people fleeing the scene in panic. There was even one scene that showed two at least two individuals lying on the ground while officers attempted to secure the downtown area.  

All victims had been transferred to the hospital, where they are all expected to make a full recovery. However, the gunman is yet to be found. “We’re still in the preliminary stage of this investigation,” Smith said. “We need the community’s help on this, so please reach out if you have any information.”

Florida Commissioner Regina Hill gave the following statement following Sunday’s shooting:

“We are outraged and heartbroken by the act of the senseless violence that disrupted the enjoyable atmosphere that we have come to expect in Downtown Orlando, and we are praying for a speedy physical and emotional recovery for those who were injured and others who were witnesses to this tragic event. We are confident that the Orlando Police Department will exhaust every resource in their power to ensure that those who are responsible for this occurrence are brought to swift and complete justice. I know firsthand that business owners are committed to working with law enforcement and others to ensure that our guests can continue to peaceably enjoy their experiences downtown and will take whatever measures necessary to ensure that they can safely patronize our establishments with confidence and security.”

Orlando’s Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding the shooter to call Crimeline at **8477. You can also submit any images or videos from the night of the shooting on Orlando Police Department’s Evidence Submission Portal.

Orlando’s New Security Plan

Due to the shooting, Orlando is planning to implement new security measures to prevent any further violent scenarios. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has addressed the issue, stating that the city can expect to see changes to the downtown area as soon as this weekend.

“One of the measures that we’re going to be implementing immediately is expanding our control entry program,” said Dyer.

So what exactly should citizens expect in Orlando? Police claim they’ll take an approach similar to what occurs during big events or holidays. There will be six entry points for the downtown area, that everyone must walk through.

Dyer says there will be an increase in officers, K9s, and screenings for weapons. If anyone walks through the checkpoint with a weapon without a concealed carry permit, they will be required to turn it over to authorities.

“I mean, if I could make it a weapons-free zone, I would do that. But you know that the state legislature has taken the ability of cities to be able to regulate where guns can be taken into,” Dyer said.

Responses to the Shooting

Orlando citizens have mixed opinions on the new measures to hit the downtown area. William Solomon of Orlando was there at the shooting scene. “I ran and everyone fled and all I saw was a bunch of disperse people, everyone going crazy,” he said.

Albatros Rexha, the owner of downtown pizza spot Cucina Pizza was not at his restaurant at the time of the shooting. “I feel like it’s going to at least deter a certain percentage of people which is all you can hope for it progress,” Rexha said of the new security measures. “You know you hope for progress, but you will never get 100 percent certainty of safety. It’s really rough out here, man.”

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Written by Karissa Key

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