Signs You Should Get a Second Legal Opinion

February 7, 2022 Criminal Defense

Signs You Should Get a Second Legal Opinion on your Criminal Case

Second opinions aren’t reserved just for the medical field, though both medical and legal second opinions could turn out to be lifesaving. While these types of second opinions differ in terms of subject matter discussed, they do have something in common: they can be the difference between carrying on with life as you know it or suffering a life-altering change. For information regarding a lawyer’s ethical obligations when it comes to giving second legal opinions, as well as some background information, visit our blog post here. If you or a loved one have found yourself agonizing over whether seeking a second legal opinion is right for you, give Don Pumphrey and the team at Pumphrey Law Firm a call or send a message, and we can discuss your case during an open and free consultation.

What is a Second Legal Opinion?

A second opinion is exactly what it sounds like – another evaluation of your case alongside your current attorney’s. It is essentially another lawyer’s opinion on how the potential client’s current representation is handling their case, a particular issue, or an evaluation of a particular point or issue of law. Since no one likes burning a bridge before an alternative path becomes available, second legal opinions are perfect for clients who currently have counsel but are interested in the help of another lawyer for their matter and would like to discuss how they could help without terminating their current representation prior to the meeting. Second opinions are unbiased assessments given by an objective, outside attorney that can provide valuable insight as to the current direction of your legal matter.

When Should You Get a Second Legal Opinion?

Second opinions can be incredibly valuable. There are a few main reasons individuals seek out second legal opinions. First, you do not like the evaluation of your case given by your existing lawyer and want to see if alternative avenues are available to explore. Second, you want to ensure the decisions made by your lawyer would be done by another lawyer. Third, you might feel that your existing lawyer is overwhelmed with their caseload and is not paying due attention to your particular legal matter.

When is it time to get that second legal opinion? When you find yourself asking the following questions:

Is My Lawyer Competent?

When you start second-guessing the quality of the legal advice your attorney is giving, this could be an indication that a second legal opinion is appropriate.  You might worry whether you are in good hands because of your lawyer’s knowledge, or lack thereof. If you find yourself scrutinizing their qualifications and work quality, a second opinion can be instrumental in finding out whether your lawyer is competent to handle your matter.

Does My Lawyer Care?

Lawyers owe a duty of care to their clients. They must zealously advocate for them, communicate with them regularly, and provide counsel, legal or otherwise. If you find yourself wondering if your lawyer cares about you or your case, this could lead to a troubled legal relationship. You are paying a legal representative for their care and attention. When you find that such required attention and care are lacking, a second legal opinion can provide valuable insight as to whether your current attorney has put the requisite time and effort into resolving your legal matter.

Do I Trust My Lawyer’s Judgment?

This is a tricky one, as you hired your current lawyer presumably because of their legal expertise. What happens when you start to second-guess the course of action your attorney is taking? Is your current attorney lacking viable strategies to handle your matter? It might seem at this point that a second opinion wouldn’t be useful. Many would say “just fire your attorney!” But, a second opinion can be incredibly valuable in order to see if the other attorney offers a similar assessment or similar strategies for handling your matter.

Tallahassee Criminal Defense Second Opinion Attorney

If you find yourself questioning the adequacy of your current representation, take the time to seek a second legal opinion. Don Pumphrey and the legal team at Pumphrey Law Firm will take the time to speak with you, assess your case, and provide insight regarding your current attorney’s strategies, pressing case issues, and more. Contact a Tallahassee criminal defense second opinion attorney as soon as possible to explore your options. Give us a call at (850)-681-7777 or send an online message to discuss your legal matter during an open and free consultation with an attorney in our legal team.

Written by Gabi D’Esposito

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