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Florida Supreme Court Approves Ballot Measure to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

May 2, 2024 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, News & Announcements

We’ve previously covered the Smart & Safe initiative to let Florida voters decide if marijuana should be legalized recreationally in the state. The Florida Supreme Court has given response to the challenge made by the Attorney General over the ballot’s language. Despite Ashley Moody claiming that the legalization initiative would confuse voters, the Supreme Court disagreed. In a 5-2 ruling, …

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Florida’s Six-Week Abortion Ban is Found Constitutional, But Allows Expansion Question on Upcoming Ballot

May 2, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

After months of debate and speculation, the Florida Supreme Court has released two new decisions regarding the access to abortion rights. While one of the decisions approved the controversial six-week abortion ban, justices have also approved of the measure to let Florida voters decide whether abortion access should be expanded within the state. This page will provide information pertaining to …

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Information on Potential Laws with Criminal Penalties

April 30, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

There are multiple pieces of proposed legislation heading to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk for approval. If he signs his approval, there will be new and increased penalties for several areas of criminal justice. The bills focus on issues relating to illegal street racing, squatters, porch pirating, sexual conversations with minors, and video voyeurism. This page will provide definitions relating to …

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Uber Driver Arrested for Fraud Faces Additional Accusations of Kidnapping and Sexual Assault

April 30, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes

Ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft have increased in popularity within the last few years, offering a cost effective and convenient way of commuting. Taking a ride-share vehicle has plenty of benefits, especially in a crowded city like Miami where people are often out late and drinking. However, as more people use Uber, the more prominent crimes relating to Uber …

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Hillsborough County’s Operation Guinness

April 9, 2024 Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving/DUI, News & Announcements

There are certain instances in which law enforcement conduct a traffic stop operation to prevent accidents and apprehend those who get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. This can include during school breaks or holidays expected to have excessive drinking. In Hillsborough County, the sheriff’s office recently conducted a traffic stop …

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Law Enforcement Asks Congress for Help to Prosecute Cases of AI-Generated Child Pornography

April 9, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Sex Crimes

Research from the Stanford Internet Observatory found that generative AI is responsible for creating more child sexual abuse material (CSAM). However, prosecuting these types of cases can be difficult when the illegal content has been digitally made. This is due to the current laws against CSAM that require a real image of a child to prosecute the person responsible. “Bad …

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Bill to Ban Delta-8 Products Heads to DeSantis’ Desk

April 9, 2024 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, News & Announcements

Another piece of proposed legislation sent to the Governor’s office could change the framework of Florida’s current hemp industry. If it passes, SB 1698 will prevent stores from manufacturing and selling products containing delta-8 THC, along with limiting products that are derived from hemp. This page aims to provide information on the substance delta-8 THC, the legal changes that will …

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NFL and Crime

April 9, 2024 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

The National Football League (NFL) recently averaged around 17.9 million viewers, embedding it as a central part of American society. While people love to cheer on their favorite teams and players, what is the reality when an NFL player is accused or even convicted of a criminal offense? This page will provide statistics on football players accused of crime, the …

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Underage Spring Break Arrests in 2024

April 9, 2024 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, News & Announcements

As the month of March progresses, so has the number of arrests made for Florida Spring Breakers. While people of all ages and backgrounds head to Florida for sunshine and beaches this month, law enforcement are on high alert for suspected criminal activity. Teenagers and young adults under 21 should be especially wary this Spring Break. Although not yet considered …

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