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Category: Theft/Property Crimes

Grand Theft Case – Stolen R2-D2 from Disney World

July 8, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

Sometimes showing that you’re the right person for the job doesn’t work out the way you intend it to. For one man, his attempt to show his skills landed him with a criminal charge. After the application process for Disney’s security team was taking too long, a man took matters into his own hands. The man successfully stole two large …

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New Florida Law Cracks Down on Organized Retail Theft

July 7, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Theft/Property Crimes

The newest bill signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking aim at the rise of retail theft in the state. The measure is designated to crack down on what State Attorney Ashley Moody has called “organized retail crime.” Under SB 1534, harsher penalties will be invoked on individuals who are caught stealing. The new bill will now make it a …

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Grand Theft Boating Equipment

July 7, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

When it comes to stealing in Florida, it is the value of the item or items stolen that matter. The difference between petit theft and grand theft is merely how much the stolen property was worth. Florida takes theft very seriously, especially the crime of grand theft. One man in Florida has recently been arrested for stealing boating equipment in …

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Leon County Sheriff’s Office sees an Increase in “Smash and Grab” Cases

June 27, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) has reported an uptick in vehicle break-ins that they are referring to as “smash and grab” crimes. The sheriff’s office is warning citizens to be careful and to refrain from leaving belongings in their cars. The LCSO has described smash and grab as when a person breaks the window of your car or property …

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Mona Lisa, Meet Cake – Vandalism and Criminal Mischief

June 2, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

Art is meant to invoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There are thousands of art museums across the world, but possibly the most famous is the Louvre located in Paris, France. Millions of people travel to the city of Paris every year to view all of their showcased art, but mainly one in particular: the Mona Lisa. Recently there was an …

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Nike Shoes Lead to Conviction of Armed Robbery

May 25, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes, Violent Crimes

Dealing with a robbery is a scary situation. The person robbed may lose their money, property, and feel a loss of safety. Robbery charges are taken very seriously in Florida, especially when there is a weapon involved. A person accused of armed robbery can face expensive fines and long-term imprisonment if convicted. An armed robbery case from 2019 has just …

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Joyriding to Grand Theft Auto – What Your Teen Should Be Aware Of

April 18, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses, Theft/Property Crimes

When we think of teenagers, one thing that often comes to mind is that they tend to make mistakes. It makes sense—their brains aren’t fully developed yet, their bodies and minds are still developing, and the social stigma of looking “cool” to friends can often lead to some bad decisions. Young adults lack impulse control due to the fact that …

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Missing Work Leads to Grand Theft – Delray Beach Police Officer Arrested

April 14, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

Lying to your work is never a good idea. This is especially true if it ends up with you landing behind bars. For one Florida police officer, she is now facing the consequences for lying to her department—and facing charges for grand theft. Jacaria Stringer, 25, is currently an officer with the Delray Beach Police Department. Stringer informed her department …

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When Can a Store Owner Detain You for Shoplifting?

February 28, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

Most shoplifting cases do not start with the police detaining and arresting an individual. Usually, a store owner or employee will detain the offender until the police arrive on the scene. To read more about retail theft, visit our blog post here. This may seem like a violation of the offender’s civil liberties, but under Florida’s retail theft statute, it …

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