Florida Residents in Limbo Following the Approval of Medical Marijuana

December 22, 2016 Drug Charges

florida medical marijuana law

During the November presidential elections, Florida voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing medical marijuana; however, potential medical marijuana users are unclear on where they go to a local distributor to fill their medical marijuana prescriptions.

Furthermore, many patients suffering from serious illnesses have questions regarding when and where they can retrieve a medical card. In addition to questions regarding where to obtain medical marijuana legally, the amount of medical marijuana available to qualifying patients per prescription has yet to be specified by Florida lawmakers.

Starting January 3, 2017, Florida has six months to create specific guidelines governing the distribution of medical marijuana, medical marijuana cards, and other relevant regulations. While qualifying patients await further instruction from Florida lawmakers, many patients are left to find more traditional methods of coping with their medical conditions.

Tallahassee Marijuana Defense Lawyer While medical marijuana usage is now legal in the state of Florida, recreational use is still prohibited, and possession of marijuana is still considered a federal crime. If you were arrested and charged with a marijuana offense, contact the Pumphrey Law to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This firm is dedicated to finding the best solution for your circumstances.

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