Impact of Covid-19 on the Florida Court System and Our Response

May 12, 2020 News & Announcements

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COVID-19 has created a health crisis unlike any current generations have experienced or hopefully ever will experience. It is commonplace in blog posts to discuss the epidemic and disease as an introduction, but the purpose of this post is not to discuss how serious this crisis is, or the disease itself. That information has pervaded every aspect of our lives at this point. The intent is instead to provide an update for those looking for answers, how the criminal justice system has shifted, and what we at Pumphrey Law are doing to keep fighting vehemently for your rights, without compromising anyone’s health.

Florida Courts COVID-19 Response

The Florida Court system is responding to the epidemic by providing information and updates as things change. The Supreme Court of Florida issued an Administrative Order on April 22, 2020 that is going to outline how to proceed in restoring court operation. Essentially this identifies and outlines response for four different phases of epidemic status. First, in-person contact is still inadvisable with court facilities essentially closed and in-person proceedings are rare or nonexistent. Second, it is possible to have limited in-person contact for specific purposes but the use of protective measures are still necessary. Third, in-person contact becomes more broadly possible and protective start to be relaxed. Fourth, COVID-19 no longer presents a significant risk to public health and safety and courts can basically return to normal. We are still squarely in the first phase, and it could take months or years before things return to normal. Fortunately, Leon County and Pumphrey Law have taken individualized steps to adapt to the new normal.

Leon County Court COVID-19 Response

Leon county is setting a prime example in keeping the public through their website which is updated nearly every business day on current office status. There is a myriad of online services available, and it outlines the local court’s new rules regarding remote hearings, procedures in domestic violence hearings, applicable Supreme Court of Florida Administrative Decisions, and applicable Executive Orders from the Florida Office of the Governor. This process can be difficult to navigate given the circumstances, if you need assistance please reach out to a qualified attorney who can handle your case or point you in the right direction.

Pumphrey Law COVID-19 Response

Pumphrey Law and our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to serving our clients through this crisis without putting anyone’s health or safety at risk. The Pumphrey Law family is dedicated to conforming with all Florida laws and guidelines put into place to protect employees and clients of essential businesses. We have ramped up our technological capabilities to provide video-consultations with all potential and existing clients so that your needs can feel met and we can ensure face-to-face that we are still fighting for you. Our staff has found ways to adapt to working remotely. Aaron Wayt is putting together a Game of Thrones puzzle that sounds to be more epic than the finale. These are incredibly stressful times, but we at the Pumphrey Law family don’t want the uncertainty of criminal charges during period of court closures to compound that stress. Don Pumphrey and the firm have decades of experience, over 100 not guilty verdicts and over 2,000 dismissals, representing defendants in criminal cases throughout the state of Florida.  We are dedicated to defending the rights of clients and will fight for the best possible disposition or dismissal of your case. Call (850) 681-7777 or send an online message today to discuss your rights during an open and free video consultation with a Tallahassee criminal defense attorney in our legal team.

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