Incarceration Affects the Children

August 19, 2016 Criminal Defense

impact of incarceration on children

Think of the children.  Incarceration affects children. Our decisions as human beings impact the ones we love, particularly our children. When someone is arrested, many people outside of that individual are affected, whether the arrest or incarceration occurs locally in Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida or Nationally. Regardless of the charge, whether it is for DUI, DUI Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, drug crimes, or any other kind of arrest that results in incarceration, that incarceration has a dramatic impact on children. Recently, a published article (The Advertiser ) discusses the staggering number of children, approximately 2.5 million, which are affected by having an incarcerated parent.

The article points out that although children of incarcerated parents haven’t done anything wrong; the children pay an even heavier price for the incarceration of the parent.  The authors argue, “But many prisoners are not dangerous, and separating them from their families is not necessary to hold them accountable for their crimes and keep the public safe.”  The major point by the authors indicates that prisons should be for the people which society is afraid (and should be afraid) will hurt another person.

Learn more about the consequences of criminal convictions in the State of Florida here. -Don Pumphrey, Jr. Don Pumphrey, Jr. is partner at Pumphrey Law. He has dedicated his entire career to protecting the rights of individuals in Leon County and throughout Florida. As former law enforcement and a former prosecutor, Don understands both sides of the law and effects criminal convictions and incarceration have on the entire family.

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