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Respondents Beware When Dealing with Injunctions for Stalking

March 10, 2017 Domestic Violence

stalking law florida

I am a criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee, Florida, and I primarily focus on criminal allegations. However, I also handle collateral matters and allegations, the increasing number of which, involve ex-girlfriends, friends with benefits, friends, strangers found on social media and on and on  . . . .  It’s seemingly never-ending. Here is how it goes, someone gets their feelings …

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Pensacola Group Suggests Major Change to Florida’s Sex Offender Registry Program

February 16, 2017 Sex Crimes

A Florida advocacy group has proposed that Florida legislators make a major change to their sex offender registry program. With over 65,000 sex offenders currently registered on Florida’s state registry, this list includes offenders charged with minor offenses such as indecent exposure and those charged with more serious crimes such as sexual assault. The Florida Action Committee suggests that a lack of …

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Florida Lawmakers Seek to reduce Penalties for Juvenile Offenders through Citations

February 2, 2017 Juvenile Offenses

As of February 2, 2017, Senate Bill 196 is circulating Florida’s Senate. Senate Bill 196 aims to provide a less stringent alternative for juvenile offenders charged with minor or first-time offenses. Under Senate Bill 196’s proposed penalties for eligible misdemeanors, juvenile offenders found committing any of the offenses provided under this Bill will be provided with a citation in lieu of an …

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Florida Passes New Laws to Combat a Growing Drug Abuse Problem

January 19, 2017 Drug Charges

florida drug law

Following the 2016 election, Florida has passed several laws aimed at reducing Florida’s growing prescription drug and over-the-counter drug abuse problem. Some these laws are aimed at healthcare policies and their respective benefits. With the rising number of opioid addiction cases in the state of Florida, Florida legislators have taken steps to limit this growth, and reduce the number of drug abuse …

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New Year Means New Laws in Florida

January 6, 2017 Criminal Defense

new year laws in florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed all but three of the 272 bills that came to his desk during the 2016 legislative session. While 67 went into effect immediately upon receiving the signature of the governor and another 159 took effect on July 1, three bills became effective at the start of 2017. The three new laws in Florida include the …

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How the “Internet of Things” Could Become a Liability

January 4, 2017 Criminal Defense

amazon alexa

James Bates of Bentonville, Arkansas claims he woke up on November 22, 2015 to find his friend, Victor Collins, dead in his hot tub.[1]  At about 9:30 AM Bates called 911 to report that he found the body after a night of heavy drinking with Collins and another friend. [2]  Bates claims to have no memory of what occurred, but …

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Florida Residents in Limbo Following the Approval of Medical Marijuana

December 22, 2016 Drug Charges

florida medical marijuana law

During the November presidential elections, Florida voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing medical marijuana; however, potential medical marijuana users are unclear on where they go to a local distributor to fill their medical marijuana prescriptions. Furthermore, many patients suffering from serious illnesses have questions regarding when and where they can retrieve a medical card. In addition to questions regarding …

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Pumphrey Law Scholarship: Spring 2017 Winning Essay

December 19, 2016 News & Announcements

Pumphrey Law Scholarship: Spring 2017 Winning Essay

Congratulations to Lauren Sumners! Please read her winning essay below:   One of my professors at Florida State University ends every class by pleading his students to do just one thing –“Please, do not drink and drive. Be safe.” This professor has taught thousands of students and boasts an impressive and long career. Every time I hear him say these …

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High School: Another Day, Another Temptation

December 13, 2016 Juvenile Offenses

The average age for a first alcoholic drink in the United States is 13 years old. One may be thinking: “Why so young?” As a senior at Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida, I will attempt to answer that troubling question. For a high school student, the need to feel accepted is fundamental in our everyday lives. This helps us …

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