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Can A Traffic Infraction Violate My Probation?

November 30, 2021 Criminal Defense

Short answer: It depends. As explained in more detail below, this distinction rests on whether the traffic offense is classified as civil or criminal. For most civil traffic offenses, your probation will not be considered violated (unless a specific provision within your terms of probation exists that classifies this as a violation). However, for criminal traffic offenses, your probation will …

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Can I Be Arrested for Having an Open House Party?

November 30, 2021 College, Criminal Defense

There are so many appeals to living in a college town like Tallahassee. The beautiful campuses, great food scene, nightlife, and especially open house parties hosted by other college students. Attending these parties is usually a fun and carefree experience where you drink on someone else’s dime, party in someone else’s house, and worry little about the consequences. However, hosting …

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The Danger Behind Florida’s ‘Two-Strikes’ Law

November 30, 2021 Criminal Defense

 Currently, Florida has more prisoners incarcerated for life with zero chance of parole than any other state in the country. Florida’s two-strikes law, which states that criminals who have already been imprisoned for one crime may be given a life sentence if they reoffend upon release, regardless of the nature of that crime, is in part a reason for this …

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What is Florida’s Sextortion Law?

November 30, 2021 Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

The internet, and social media in particular, allows users to completely open the confines of their world and connect with people, places, and ideas they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. However, the prominence of social media has also opened the floodgates for criminal activity, including the crime known as ‘sextortion’. According to the FBI, the crime entails extorting or blackmailing …

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FSU Executive Director of Institute of Justice Discusses Racial Bias in the Criminal Justice System

October 27, 2021 College, Criminal Defense

Carrie Pettus, the founding executive director of the Institute for Research and Development at Florida State University recently wrote a column for the Orlando Sentinel discussing the dangers of racial bias in the criminal justice system. She opens by discussing the dangers of racism in the public health sector, pointing out how the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the Black Lives …

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Operation Round-Up Leads to 125 Arrests- Including Pastor & Teacher

October 27, 2021 Criminal Defense

Early this month, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office conducted a 20-day sting operation called Operation Round-Up, resulting in the arrest of 125 men for human trafficking charges. Undercover detectives focused their efforts on criminals who were attempting to engage in sex with minors or who were seeking to exploit them through human trafficking. Alarmingly, a church pastor, Samuel Phillips, was …

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FBI Agent Who Investigated Sex Crimes Faces Multiple Sex Crime Charges

October 25, 2021 News & Announcements, Sex Crimes

In late August, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Supervisory Special Agent David Harris of the FBI. He was arrested in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, and charged with sex crimes spanning multiple states over several years. As a result of the judge declaring him a “threat to the public at large,” he is currently being held without bond …

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Recent First District Case Covers the Fourth Amendment Protections of Motel Rooms

October 21, 2021 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges

Summary The First District Court of Appeal recently decided Robinson v. State, a case arising out of trafficking and possession convictions. The Appellant, Gregory Pernell Robinson, was convicted for trafficking fourteen grams or more of methamphetamine, possession of hydrocodone, and possession of paraphernalia. He appealed his sentence, challenging the trial court’s denial of his motion to suppress. The First District …

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New Bill Would Allow Prison Sentence Reduction Through Rehabilitation

October 21, 2021 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

A new bill, SB 504 (2022), filed for the second time by Republication Senate Senator Keith Perry, would allow prison inmates to reduce the length of their sentence through rehabilitation. Senator Perry combined forces with Democratic Representative, Dianne Hart, on the bill for rehabilitation credits in addition to gain-time. “Gain-time” refers to the sentence reduction an inmate would receive off …

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