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Wendi Adelson Requests to Invoke the Fifth When Called to Testify, But What Does it Mean to “Invoke the Fifth”?

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

Taking the Fifth and pleading the Fifth has been a part of our culture and media for a long time. However, invoking the Fifth isn’t as easy as just shouting “I plead the Fifth!” The following blog will describe what invoking the Fifth means and what it means for Wendi Adelson in the ongoing retrial of Katherine Magbanua for the …

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DeSantis Signs Juvenile Expungement Bill

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offenses

After the House Judiciary Committee came to a unanimous decision in favor of HB 195, Gov. Ron DeSantis finally signed the bill into law on May 12th, 2022. The bill is titled “Juvenile Diversion Expunction” and is giving juveniles charged with a crime the opportunity to complete a court-ordered diversion program rather than going to jail and then expunging their …

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Crack or Sugar? Deputies Mistake Costs Leon Sheriff’s Office $270k

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges

Sometimes the best defense in a criminal case can be as sweet as a pastry! In the case of Miles Evora, that was exactly what happened. Evora was wrongfully arrested in a routine traffic stop after two deputies claimed he had illegal substances in his vehicle. After waiting a long period for test results, it turned out that it was …

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Hatchet Standoff Outside of Publix

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

42-year-old John Rawls has been arrested and tased by police after an altercation in Leon County. Leon County Sheriff’s Department was called to a Publix for a theft accusation. Around 12:35 pm on May 15th, police arrived to the scene at the grocery store in the 5300 block of Capital Circle Southwest. Once the deputies were able to speak to …

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TikTok Video of Man Filling Up His Truck Could Pose Criminal Sanctions

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense

It is normal for people to want to find ways to save money. With gas prices at an all-time high, most people are currently strategizing ways to spend less before they fuel up. Whether they are planning the best time of the week to fill up or trying to find better habits while driving, everyone has the increasing gas prices …

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Florida Governor DeSantis Signed a Bill Banning Residential Protesting, What Does the Bill Actually Say and What Does This Mean for Floridians?

May 19, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements

In recent news, we have seen people organize and protest outside of the Supreme Court Justice’s homes. However, protests in residential areas are not a new phenomenon. Last year, Edward Mathews, a resident of New Jersey, faced protestors outside his home after an argument with a neighbor went viral. In 2017, there were also protests outside of Vice President Mike …

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What does it mean to be Competent to Stand Trial?

May 17, 2022 Criminal Defense

One of the most basic tenants of our criminal process system is the requirement that those who are being accused of a crime need to be competent to stand trial. This requirement works alongside the more well-known idea that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. This is because those who are accused of an alleged crime must be capable …

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New Trial Begins for Dan Markel Murder Case

May 14, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

Dan Markel, a law professor at FSU, was shot and killed in his driveway in Betton Hills in July of 2014. Although it has been almost eight years since the murder, there was just a recent arrest made and an upcoming retrial. Prosecutors believe that the killing was a murder-for-hire plot, in which Sigfredo Garcia was the alleged shooter. Garcia …

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Insanity Defense – Most Famous Cases

May 14, 2022 Criminal Defense

In some special cases of a crime or attempted crime, the defendant may not been in the right mental state. The defendant may have not even have been aware of what they were doing, or that any consequences could arise with their actions. In this rare occurrence, the defendant may be able to claim the insanity plea. The insanity plea …

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