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Memorial Day Murder – Mother of Administrative Judge Killed by Daughter

June 3, 2022 Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

A not so memorable case has just occurred in the Tallahassee area this past weekend. An 80-year-old woman was stabbed by her own daughter, who had found it difficult to take care of her mother. Days after the stabbing, the mother tragically passed in the hospital due to her injuries. What was originally an attempted homicide has now been upgraded …

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Mona Lisa, Meet Cake – Vandalism and Criminal Mischief

June 2, 2022 Criminal Defense, Theft/Property Crimes

Art is meant to invoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There are thousands of art museums across the world, but possibly the most famous is the Louvre located in Paris, France. Millions of people travel to the city of Paris every year to view all of their showcased art, but mainly one in particular: the Mona Lisa. Recently there was an …

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Hold my Beer turns to “Hold My Meth Pipe”

June 2, 2022 Criminal Defense, Drug Charges

A recent incident in Haines City highlights how one crime can lead to several more serious charges. A local Florida man had an accidental crash at a nearby Publix, which already caused quite the commotion. However, what only made matters worse was when he finally talked to the police—and gave away an “honest truth” that resulted in several more criminal …

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Guilty Verdict Delivered – Dan Markel Case

June 1, 2022 Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

We have been keeping up with the trials for the Dan Markel murder case for some time now. The case against Katherine Magbanua has finally come to a close with a guilty verdict, after the original trial ended in a mistrial. To read a full summary of the initial case, you can find out more in our blog here. Now …

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Duane Weeks Trial – The Importance of Courtroom Etiquette

June 1, 2022 Criminal Defense

The son of the former Elections Supervisor—Duane Weeks Jr., 41, has been adjudicated by Judge Perkins, guilty on grand theft, battery, and introduction of contraband at the county jail. In addition, there were also three misdemeanor charges, including threatening serious bodily harm on a police officer. Weeks could have been facing over 15 years in prison, along with getting marked …

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What is Leon County’s Crime Map?

June 1, 2022 Criminal Defense

Leon County is constantly trying to find ways to ensure public safety among its citizens. One way they aim to do that is through its online, interactive crime map. Although it has been active for several years now, it is important to highlight its features to help citizens continue to feel safe in their neighborhoods. The Leon County law enforcement …

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Florida Former Corrections Guard Charged with Sexual Battery of Female Inmate

May 30, 2022 Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes

In recent news, a former Liberty County Corrections Officer has been arrested for the sexual battery of a female inmate. Unfortunately, stories like this are not unique. A couple of months ago, Jimmy Highsmith, a former federal correctional officer, was sentenced to prison for four years for leading female inmates to his office and instructing them to perform sex acts. …

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How (Not) to Get Away with Murder

May 30, 2022 Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

This past Wednesday, 05/25/22, author Nancy Crampton-Brophy was found guilty by a jury of second-degree murder in Portland, Oregon. Nancy’s own words on her website seemed to have rung true in the juror’s ear, “in writing fiction, you dig deep and unearth portions of your own life that you’ve long forgotten or had purposely buried deep.” The author is known …

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Florida’s Own Tinder Swindler

May 27, 2022 Criminal Defense

A man in Florida has gained the title of “Casanova Scammer” after multiple accusations of targeting women and scamming them out of money. After Netflix’s popular “Tinder Swindler” documentary aired earlier this year, it highlighted the type of white-collar crimes that can take place in the online dating scene. Specifically, when an individual feigns romantic interest to gain the trust …

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