Charlie Adelson Denied Release from Prison

September 15, 2022 Criminal Defense, News & Announcements, Violent Crimes

We continue to cover the details surrounding Dan Markel’s murder and the resulting criminal proceedings. As we’ve previously discussed, Charlie Adelson is one of the remaining suspects who has not yet gone to trial. Just last month, Katherine Magbanua was sentenced for her involvement in the arranged shooting.

Now that Charlie Adelson’s trial is approaching, his defense attorney has requested his client’s release from jail, but without much success. We will provide information on the request for an Arthur Hearing and what’s to come in the trial against Adelson.

Defense Team’s Request for Release Denied

On Friday morning, defense attorney Daniel Rashbaum requested that his client Charlie Adelson be released from jail prior to the upcoming trial. However, Judge Robert Wheeler denied the request, meaning Adelson must remain in custody.

The request’s denial comes as no surprise, especially after three individuals have already been convicted of the crime—Sigfredo Garcia, Luis Rivera, and most recently, Katherine Magbanua.

Now Adelson is requesting an Arthur Hearing, to hear how the state will lay out the evidence to the jury during trial. However, there is always a concern that the defendant could pose a flight risk.

Adelson’s attorney attempted to ensure that his client posed no risk of fleeing from the proceedings. “Mr. Adelson had opportunities—ample opportunities—to flee to abolitionist countries that very well may have declined to extradite him to the United States,” Rashbaum said. “Yet, Mr. Adelson always returned to Florida.”

Rashbaum highlighted all of the places his client had traveled to, even after finding out he was a suspect in the conspiracy, solicitation, and first-degree murder of Dan Markel. According to Rashbaum, Adelson traveled to Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the Philippines, Columbia, Thailand, South Korea, Costa Rica, Mexico, and St. Martin.

The defense attorney also claimed that his client had, “no criminal history, no history of legal issues in any capacity.” However, this is not entirely true. Adelson was threatened with drug possession charges back in 2016, after being caught with illicit substances, but he was never tried in court.

There are also multiple police reports showing Adelson being let off the hook for multiple offenses. This includes cheating in dental school, traffic accidents, and an extensive history of litigation as both a plaintiff and a defendant.

Despite his attempt to paint Adelson in a brighter light, Rashbaum appeared to be one of the only ones fighting in his client’s corner. One YouTube channel titled Fanci Fiction has gained virality for showcasing the wiretap recordings of Adelson. The recordings show the defendant’s view on women, the law, his patients, and his family members.

However, it is not Adelson’s character on trial, but the sufficiency of evidence against Adelson for the murder of Markel.

Included in the evidence against Adelson is a new recording of a conversation between Adelson and his father, Harvey Adelson from April 21st, 2016. In the recording, Charlie Adelson is heard speaking about what he believed the bump was about, and who was behind it.

“It’s not done like that,” Charlie Adelson is heard saying to his father. “I was surprised they didn’t come to me.” Then Charlie suggests how “the woman is always the weaker choice—you know, someone that’s gonna give in.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Charlie’s father is heard saying, “I think there’s a recorder in that bag,” in reference to where the FBI had a hidden camera. “Are they allowed to do that?”

“Not without a warrant,” Charlie reassured him. Then he hesitates and then follows up with, “I’ll talk to you outside about it.”

What is an Arthur Hearing?

When a defendant has been accused of a crime which does not allow for their release on bond, they have the option of requesting an Arthur Hearing, otherwise known as a bond hearing. The types of charges that do not allow bond are typically crimes which could result in life in prison or capital punishment. However, with an Arthur Hearing, a judge has the power to grant the defendant bail until their trial starts. Examples of non-bondable offenses include:

In order for a judge to grant an Arthur Hearing, the following things must be true:

  • The defendant is not a danger to themselves or society; and
  • There is not enough evidence to prove that the defendant is guilty of the charges against them.

The decision in an Arthur Hearing is entirely up to the judge. After hearing both sides, the judge will decide whether the defendant should be entitled to bond, and how much the bond should be set for. Like trial, the burden of proof rests with the State in Arthur Hearings to prove that the “proof of guilt is evident, and the presumption is great” regarding the charged crime(s). Essentially, the judge should deny bond if the State demonstrates that the evidence against the defendant is so strong that they will almost certainly be found guilty at trial.

To find out more about Arthur Hearings, read our page here.

What’s to Come

As previously mentioned above, three of the people involved in the case have already been convicted. That includes Katherine Magbanua, who was found guilty of first-degree murder of Dan Markel at the beginning of August 2022.

Adelson is still pleading not guilty to the charges against him, which include first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and solicitation of murder. Adelson’s trial is set to take place sometime in early 2023.

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Written by Karissa Key

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